Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Express & Santa & a Diner & Pretzels &....

The visit to the Christmas train was a ton of fun. Definitely something we'll do for years to come!

We made reservations on-line, so it was a short wait to get in. Certainly something to do if you plan on this event. People must have been in line for hours. Peak behind Carter and me and you'll see the people without tickets.

We rode the elevator down into the train yard because of our massive stroller. Shaved off about an hour's wait there. Plus, we rode with elves! Double bonus.

Final waiting can see a train ahead......such a tease.

This part of Union Station is called the KC Rail Experience. Can't wait to get our membership so that we can come back and explore more. Many fun things to do for the kids. Lots of history for Mama. Everyone wins.

Notice Jack in awe. His little train loving heart was full of joy.

Worst Santa picture ever. He was located just inside the first train car and so there was not a lot of room to ease the kids into the encounter. Jack got nervous (shocker) and started screaming, "Jack don't yuv Santa!.


So, we've got Jack looking disgruntled, Carter with eyes closed, Lainey in shock and Blake and me just trying to hold it all together. Now that I think about it, this picture kind of sums up our lives.

The Holiday Express train included a few train cars decked out with Christmas decor and such. Lots of fun to walk through.

We finished with the Santa visit and train tour.....walked snow falling. Magic. More to see:

And, would you believe Santa on a turbo sleigh randomly cruised up blaring Christmas music? I don't know who this guy is, but his sleigh is super fantastic. Look at that engine!

See the snow falling? We watched Santa drive off and Carter saw fire shoot out of the engine. Awesome.

Back inside the station for lunch. Lainey Bug checked out part of the massive train set up.

Really hard to explain just how enormous this display is.

Finally in to eat at the Harvey House Diner. This used to be the Fred Harvey Restaurant and Lunch Room, which fed hungry passengers coming and going to the train station.

One of the original menus. Fun to see the prices. A steak dinner for under $3!

Kids at the counter.

Out to cruise around the station.

Here is our dainty daughter's latest addition to her tricks. Pretending like she's throwing up. I have no idea where she learned this.

Oh, wait. There is her brother behind her doing the same demo. Hmmm.....

"Throwing up" over the bridge. I'm returning all of her Christmas gifts and buying her Emily Post's book of Etiquette. That's it. The fun is over, Laine.

More model train viewing. Don't you love that fabric below the display? I want to find it and make it into a blanket for Jack. Precious.

So much to see.

Lainey was sure this was Swiper the Fox from Dora. OK. Santa, a snowman and Swiper. Makes sense to me!

We made it home after our big day with just enough time to make some more treats for neighbors, work friends, etc. One of my faves......white chocolate covered pretzels.


Pa arrives in the morning and we're into the city for ice skating, lunch, shopping and more. Blake is less than excited about taking Jack out onto the ice to skate. Lunch may need to include a beer to get his courage up. Tis the season!


If the shoe FITZ said...

great santa pic
train station sooo cool. very neat experience.
LC throwing..freakin hilarious...

Dee Stephens said...

This adventure would have been right up my alley and I don't even have kids!
I'm such a cheezball!
love thos pretzels too!

Lauren W said...

Sooooo fun! We are definitely doing that next year. And where did you get Lainey's dress? I love it!

The Soladay Family said...

What a fun day! Now that's what I call a train!! THat would totally be down the alley of my guys! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Ok....Lainey pretending to throw up nearly did me in! Hilarious! She'll be the most well rounded girl ever!

Shannon said...

THAT is an awesome train. Laine continues to kill me.

I ♥ mama being in pics!

timmonstimes said...

Lainey's dress is so cute! My mom makes some dresses very similar to the one she is wearing :)I love that fabric!

FROGGITY! said...

what a sweet trip! i love lainey's dress!

you and carter look so much alike! that is a great pic!

oh. and please send me pretzels. :)

Monica said...

I want your life for a day! You guys do so many fun things!! I live vicariously through your blog posts. PS I LOVE YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD!

SASS said...


Thanks for that, Jackeroo. I needed this today.
I love seeing you in pictures! Cute hat.

Tammy said...

That looks absolutely fabulous. What a great time you and your kids and family had. You took some awesome pictures. My kids love to make chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles too!!

Sara said...

HAHAHAHAHA...dying over Lainey acting like she's puking. Too freakin' funny! I'm sure that will be one of many things her brothers will teach her! What a fun day in KC. I bet Jack was in heaven! Mmmm...white chocolate pretzels. My favorite!
Have fun with "Paul" on his visit!!

Malinda said...

Cason would LOVE the train station. We may have to visit it someday before his love for trains goes away.

I'm sorry, but the fake vomiting thing is hilarious. Especially coming from such a tiny little girly girl.

Rebekah Williams said...

Let me just say--your blog header picture is classic. That "peace on earth" issue is quite a problem in my house, too!!!

merrilee said...

You look too cute in hats! One of the elves is kinda cute(can a mom say that)? Thank you for the reminder about making the chocolate pretzels-always a favorite!! Love Lainey pretending to throw-up. . . .she is such a little pumpkin!!

The Lenzers said...

wow, super cool!! and lainey, cute as always...ok extra cute in that outfit! i know i say this often but it is so good i do not have a girl, i would go broke!

Heather said...

How fun is that??? Love it. Really love the family picture with Santa and your summary of it. So true with a family with 3 kids.. I totally feel your pain.

Did Bram teach Jack and Lainey the throwing up trick? just saying. oh! JUST KIDDING COCO!

michelle matthews said...

FUN!!! Love that Santa sleigh! Great pics all the way around!
Lainey is so funny with the throwing up!
Yummo pretzels!

michelle matthews said...

PS Super cute hat! Is that a red pin accessory on your shirt. Cute!

Becca Jane said...

Haha, the picture in your header is hilarious. Love it!
I want to see a picture of your picture frame collage on your wall. I'm just struggling with decorating on a budget because we have sooo many blank empty walls, and we can't paint.
Anyway, the little outfits on your Lainey are too cute.

Merry Mack said...

Looks like super fun! Much better than my weekend.

starnes family said...

The dress came from Nordstrom Rack, I believe. I bought it out of season last year for around $6 and altered it a bit. Took off two bows and ribbons hanging from them.

The cutest part of it is the tule underlay that makes it "poofy" as Lainey calls it. I love this dress, too!