Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Life, According To Caroline

I must agree.

Off to a movie and to see the Plaza lights. Have a great day!


Shannon said...

This is why Payton has started calling me Shannon when she wants something. The word "mom" is something I've learned to ignore after hearing it so many times. And I never had two toddlers at once. I say you make into a drinking game. Each time you hear "mom," take a drink. More fun that way.

SASS said...

Shannon, I'm adding that little nugget of advice into my unofficial mom handbook I've started. Duly noted.

I love Family Guy, and I especially love Caroline for realizing this is SO you.

Have fun, and report back with your findings!

Coco said...

Ohhhhh Shannon! I likey that idea!

LOVE this scene in family guy. It is absolutely the most truthful nugget of television out there. For sure.

I hear this at least once a day, and it always ends with, "hi!" or "what are you doing?"


Kristen said...

This clip cracks me up... ha ha ha! Hope you enjoyed the Plaza lights and the movie!

The Jones Family said...

That is too freaking funny! We saw the same commercial for this on Xmas day, just as Trysten and Maci were both saying "mom" and all dad and I could do was laugh... while I continued to try to ignore them and talk with dad of course.

So funny, I might have to play that game too!

Hope you are all having a wonderful time!

Dee Stephens said...

when i played the clip The Buddy woke up from his snooze! Love the drinking game idea! and now that I'm an adult. I can't get my Mom's attention unless I say 'LINDA!' HAHA!

Sara said...

Hilarious!!! Love it.

Kristen said...

Yup... me again. I am verging on "Stalker" now that I've commented twice on this post... but just wanted to let you know I left a blog award for you on my post tonight!! Hooray!!

SASS said...

Casey, come baaaaaaack.
I need you and your crazy kids!
I need Jack's train connection of the day!
I need Carter's goofiness!
I need Laine's laugh!
I'm an addict.
The first step is admitting it, right?