Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There are few places to ski like Aspen in the United States and we were lucky enough to share a house with the DeCoccos for a few days in the middle of it all.

Here we are at Snowmass on Sunday. More pictures to come!

The group at our table....home base for lunch and after skiing fun. From left to right, Graham (Nick's childhood friend), Nick, Marisa, Emilia, Carter, Jack, and Blake.

Graham, Carter, Marisa and Blake on the lift.

Little Jack checking everything out.

Carter ready to go! Graham took him on his first run.

We got a great table at the Cirque complete with views all around.

Nick and Emilia.

Blake took Jack down to play.

My first time up.

Carter, Nick and Graham.

The boys securing their boots.

Carter on his way down.

Another run up.

Long range views in Aspen.

Here is Nick....snowboarding now for 15 years. He was a huge help to Carter and Blake, still learning.

What a view!

Time for a game on our way out.

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