Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 1 Of Our Vacation

Several pictures from our first day traveling with Caroline.

Carter was given "Bromley" the monkey from his 1st grade class to take with us. He couldn't wait to get to school this morning to share his stories and hand out souveniers. We will add to Bromley's journal, already filled in by other students reporting details from their travels. Carter wants to caption this photo with "Bromley sees the world." He's definitely my kid.

Bromley reading on the plane.

We arrived in Oklahoma City to find Caroline and then drove 30 miles north to Guthrie, OK.

Check in was at 4:00, so after a few brief stops en route, we checked in at the haunted Stone Lion Inn. Carter and Caroline acting scared to go in below.

Upon entering, we noticed the rug moving....of course, because of the air conditiner, but it certainly set the mood of a haunted house!

We checked out the living room while waiting for our turn.

And, other interesting rooms.

An embalming table holds drinks for the guests.

Lots of stories and articles on the walls.

We checked in and went down the street a bit to gather more information on the town at a sister property, the Peacock Inn. The owners were as friendly as can be. We sat down in their kitchen and visited for a while. Carter played outside with a boy his age related to one of the owners.

Now, we're at our own suite and Caroline opens her birthday gifts.

This is where we stayed...not actually on site at the Stone Lion because it was booked, but instead this cute little house. We had the entire first floor.

Into town next to check things out and eat dinner. Caroline and I share the same love of a new city and especially one as historically filled as this one.

The trolley we later took a tour on.

The Blue Bell Saloon, where Tom Mix bartended. Who is Tom Mix? We didn't know either. Upon researching, we found that he was the first western mega-star during the silent movie era.

The Scottish Rite Temple, the world's largest Masonic lodge.

The Pollard Theater.

More of the town. We ate at Granny Had One, a buffet style restaurant complete with good southern food and plenty of it.

Caroline and Carter at dinner.

Back to the b&b for a walk outside at dark looking for ghosts. Didn't find any and decided to come back in due to Carter's erratic flashlight usage. We thought for sure someone would call the police as we looked very suspicious! How on earth would we explain that we were taking a 7 year old on a walk to find ghosts?

A dip in the giant jetted tub before bedtime. What a great first day.

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