Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Drive

As mentioned before, the drive here was fairly uneventful and dare we say "easy". The kids were well behaved. We had plenty for them to do and we made a few stops which always helps. No real complaints!

Approximately 370 miles logged today.

Here is Carter on the Wyoming State Line.

Later on, we entered a town called Lost Springs. Population 1. We think he lives in that house, too.

South Dakota!

Beautiful antelope. We saw hundreds - literally hundreds of these in the grass on the drive in. Plenty of deer, several buffalo and even a stray coyote, too.

I'm sure you all can imagine what kind of post lies ahead after witnessing Mt. Rushmore. I'll likely be gushing all over the fact that we love this country and how lucky we are to be here....and although I do already think like that, seeing such a monument can really intensify those feelings.

Beyond the man made structures in this nation, the natural land, to me, is equally inspiring. To be driving along the highway only to look over to see antelope practically racing along with brings to light just how lucky we are to live where we do. I've always felt that it is a privilege to live in Colorado and stepping just outside of it to see what is nearby and relatively in our reach as well just clarifies that for me. We are blessed.

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