Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Bunny Express

We spent Saturday afternoon at The Colorado Railroad Museum. We went in hopes of seeing the Easter bunny, but unfortunately, he had already packed up and fled by the time we arrived. This resulted in us going to the Flatirons Mall for bunny shown in the previous post.

Blake was thrilled with having to go to the mall the day before Easter with 3 children to wait in line for a bunny we knew one kid would be only mildly excited about, one would be horrified by, and one would be clueless of. Sorry....can't miss a year!

We rode the train, though, and toured the site as we always do. John, Amber and kids accompanied us, too.

Punkin Jack....and his new "cheese!" smile.

The conductor giving us the rules for riding.

Amber and Taylor.

Carter checks out an engine.

"Choo choo!!!!!" There are few greater places on earth than the train museum for Jack.

Thomas the Train! The actual, life size running engine, Thomas, arrives in September for 3 weekends. Jack is going to love it.

John, Blake and Jack check out the trains.

Jack loves these little cars.

Madison, Jonathan and Brody honk the horn.

Jack's turn. The pure joy that overcomes him around trains is so fun to watch.

The boys.

Madison and Cason check out the postal train.


Shannon said...

Umm....your kids just aged a LOT recently. How did that happen?m

starnes family said...

One word = haircuts. They get spring hair cuts about this time every year and we keep it fairly short during the warmer months. During the cold ones, they grow it out.

I prefer it longer and Carter lets it go long to be "like a snowboarder". He was actually afraid he couldn't go back on the mountain with short hair!

Malinda said...

I love the new haircuts. Very cute on both of them.