Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Again

Lots of travel lately! We spent the last 3 days in Aspen. Left early Saturday morning and we're just returning tonight. Had a fabulous time with friends, Nick and Marisa and Nick's childhood friend, Graham. Emilia was there, too, of course.

We skied Aspen/Snowmass and took in the gorgeous scenery. The back of the house we stayed in included an incredible view of Sopris Mountain. Deer trotted through the golf course each morning and geese were everywhere. Our drive in was filled with a ton of wildlife - more bighorn sheep, deer, and elk than we've ever seen before.

Home now and exhausted. Lots of unpacking and laundry to do. We're here for a few days and then Carter and I fly out Saturday morning to meet Caroline at a haunted bed and breakfast near Oklahome City. Then, into the city for another stay at a much bigger, but still haunted and historical hotel.

Why? Because we're just that weird.

I'll post pics once we're a bit more organized. Back soon....

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