Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home Again

Back from our trip and had the best time ever! Carter and I just can't get enough of Caroline and we had her for 4 full days of fun. As always, "Let's party" was mentioned often by Carter simply because we were with Cari.

We started our visit in Guthrie, OK, actually a last minute add on to the itinerary when we learned of a haunted bed and breakfast there highlighted on Ghost Hunters and other reputable shows. We're so glad we found this place because the town is so charming and full of character. In fact, this little addition to the trip ended up being more of a focus once we realized all that it had to offer. Also, it has more historical markers than any other city in the nation, so we were in paradise!

The bed and breakfast was fun and an experience I encourage you all to try if you have not already. Quite different than a hotel stay.

Oklahoma City is a great, growing city and still relatively young for its size at just over 100 years old. We enjoyed the river walk, a Saint Patrick's Day festival, lots of room service and the lovely Skirvin Hotel. Upon checking in, we immediately addressed the hauntings and wanted an insider's view on what she had seen and heard and were disappointed with learning that its staff was "discouraged" from talking about the history. It's a Hilton and it seems as though most of their clientel are not paying good money to be assaulted by a ghost in the middle of the night. Interesting.

I think the representative noticed my frustration and moved us to a room on the 10th floor, where "incidents have been reported." Score!! Then, we cornered some valets to give us the scoop.

Those "incidents" can be read in this brief discription of the paranormal actitivies. We did not hear Effie- the resident ghost - but perhaps her baby crying late night on Monday. The hotel was fabulous and although its resoration created this swanky destination of luxury and high design, Caroline and I much prefer the sort of historical hotels that still seem to be telling its story through dented molding and antique furniture. This sort of ambience lends more naturally to the haunted and historical feel we've grown to love and seek out. No complaints.....it was very nice.

Lots and lots to report on, but I'll post one pic now and many more in the days to come. Just above, darling Carter and Caroline.....couldn't be any closer.