Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More From Oklahoma

Several more pictures from our trip.

We went over for breakfast and a history lesson at the Stone Lion Inn.

Here is the owner telling stories about the house, what it was like living there, the hauntings, history of the town and more. It was really fun.

Carter on the bed glued to a video probably entirely innappropriate for most kids his age - Poltergeist. We started it the night before and all fell asleep.

It was a favorite of mine as a kid and considering his love of the supernatural, I thought I'd give it a shot. He loved it! And, for the record, it's rated PG, although I'm not sure that rating would hold with today's standards.

A side view of the house we stayed in.

We drove around town for a while and ran into this abandoned hospital. Creepy!

Carter and Bromley in front of the Masonic Temple.

The Territorial Museum.

We ate lunch one day at the Depot Restaurant.

Jack would have LOVED it! Model trains everywhere.

In town shopping. Guthrie reminded Caroline and me of Magnolia, Arkansas. We visited our grandparents there during holidays as kids.

In Oklahoma City....the river walk in Bricktown.

We took a water taxi ride to learn more about the city. It was a beautiful day!

The new ballpark.

Pretty iron sculptures.

Carter and I went on this amusement "dark" ride called The Dungeon located on the river walk. It's in the dark and 3-D, the only one of its kind.

The Skirvin.

Carter checking on Dad and the babies at home.

Carter staying on top of homework for school.

Quite a pair.

Pool time!

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