Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hot Springs, South Dakota

A few pictures from Hot Springs, SD.

We thought this sign was funny and then later on wandered in to eat dinner. It was delicious!

Choo choo!

At The Mammoth Site. We took a tour through the facility and then were free to explore on our own.

Tools used in excavating.

The site. We learned that they still have 20+ years to dig here if their drilling proves correct. 45 feet below should bring many more finds.

A complete Mammoth skull.

Carter and Jack go down into the site - secured by the fence mind you - to get a closer look.

Inside the "museum" part of the building, explaining different uses for Mammoths. This represents a house made out of bones and hide.

A life size Mammoth.

Carter learning where they were populated on the earth.

A single tooth!

Never without time for choo choos.

It was such a beautiful day. We let the kids run a bit more after our long drive.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a great time! I wish I was there. I love the stops in front of the state lines, the cool pizza shop, and the mammoth experience!

starnes family said...

Wishing you were here, too. It's hard to travel without Aunt Caroline!

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