Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Zoo Trip

Last week, Chris and I took the kids to the Denver Zoo on a beautiful almost-spring day. The weather here has been so different from last year when we were under 12 inches of snow on a daily basis. It comes and goes and in between some snow falling, we get these pretty days outside.

And, I bought a membership to the zoo, so we'll be back often!

Jack adores Jonathan. Jonathan is generally annoyed with Jack.

"Choo choo!!!!!"

Chris and Jonathan jumping and Jack wanting to try, too.

The train was broken - as soon as we walked up - and somehow, that reality didn't completely ruin the trip. He's a good sport, even at 22 months old.

And, to make the zoo trip even more interesting, this monkey charged at and tried to attack sweet Jack - luckily, tucked safely behind the glass.

Shortly after, we moved a few exhibits down, only to find even larger apes throwing themselves against the glass in protest of other spectators. The zoo keepers informed us that we should not look them in the eye for more than 2 seconds in order to prevent this.

Animal/human instincts are not in sync and the wrong look can conjure up the wrong reaction. Interesting!

Jack on the bongos.

Checking out what snacks Taylor has.


Anonymous said...

Jack looks so tall and lean in the pic where he is leaning up against the glass. I didn't think it was him!

starnes family said...

I thought the same thing. Tricky photography.

Need to see about getting that type of glass in this house for me. :)