Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day At The Zoo

We had a large group of people (17, I think) out for a Denver Zoo trip last week. The weather was beautiful and the animals loved it, too.

Here is Jack checking out the elephants.

On the wagon.

Train ride!!!! Bella with Rien and Carter with Brody. I was in front with Jack and Jonathan, but failed to take a photo of the little guys.

You can barely see Nick at the front of the train. He, his mom, and Emilia joined us, too.

The kids love to pose at these animals throughout the zoo.

Jack and Taylor.

Carter and Brody check out the rhinos.

My favorite, the hippo.

With Baby Lainey in her new sunhat.

Big brother helping Jack.

The tiger!

The crew makes its way to the other side of the zoo.

Time for a break at the fish pond.

Brody, Devon and Carter.

Rien and Bella love their picture taken more than any.

How tall is Carter?

And, Chris?

Looking for swimming polar bears.

Geese are throughout the park nesting. Soon, there will be babies everywhere as we saw last year.

Jack and Emily.

Time to exhausted group!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you can get awfully close to some of those animals..I don't remember that when I visited the zoo!?