Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

Several pictures from our visit to Mt. Rushmore.


It was a foggy day and the monument was not easy to see at all times. Luckily, the clouds parted for a few minutes...just enough time for us to get a good look and a few pictures!

Inside the museum.

The girls in pink.

Back inside. We watched a documentary on the creation of the monument.

The sculptor.

Room to run before getting back in the car.

"Dad, I can't go yet. There's snow here!" Jack has to step in any snow we run into and he's sure to get a taste, too, regardless of how clean it is.

We saw this photo stand on the way out of town and stopped for a picture.
This might have been Blake's favorite part of the trip because after taking the picture and heading back to the car, I slipped and fell on some black ice. It was quite entertaining.

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