Thursday, April 03, 2008


Easter came and went a few weeks ago and I'm just now finding the time to post pictures. It was a fun holiday this year. Jack seemed interested in finding the eggs....more so than I was expecting. Carter was once again fascinated with the Easter Bunny dropping a bag of carrots by the front door on his way out. Silly bunny!

We visited with our family in Westminster that afternoon and had a wonderful time, as always.

Blake and Baby Laine on her first Easter.

Jack and Noah at the piano - always a hit with the kids.

Lindsey and Lainey.

Time to dye eggs!

Jack did one this year and then fled the table to find his trains.

I had Blake take this picture because I love how little girls are instinctively drawn to babies. They all gather around Lainey when we get together. Even Emily, a baby herself at barely 2 years old, wants to hold her!

Lindsey seems to have her the most.

Another lovely lunch made by Linda.

The strongest egg competition. I think Noah won. Blake is bitter and thinks he cheats. Noah is 8 years old and Blake is 33.

The girls.

Time to find eggs. Blake helped Jack.

This is a very popular egg hunt because Georg and Linda hide good money in their eggs.

Belinda found the first $50 egg.

Debbie found the other!

Notice how crazy our family picture is compared to the others.

Carter and Devon in the back yard.

Jack playing on the deck.

Baby girl in her Easter gear from Linda. I love the look Debbie is giving Blake in the background of this picture.

Belinda and Lainey.

And, it begins.....her eating her feet.

Jack was a total mess by the end of the day and resembled a little rascal!

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What a fun Easter!