Sunday, April 13, 2008

In The Door And Out Again

Home from our trip into Breckenridge late last night. Had a wonderful time and the skiing was great, despite being this late in the season. Pa is a pro!!!! We spent Friday night in town shopping and eating and playing at an arcade. Saturday was an all day ski day ending with a Beer Festival in the village.

Started our walk back to the car after a shuttle ride to the hotel and tragedy struck. Sweet Lainey fell out of her carrier and scraped her chin. No permanent damage to anyone but her parents. A trip to the Breckenridge ER confirmed that and we walked away with a huge reminder to always, ALWAYS buckle her in, no matter how long we intend for her to stay seated. I'm confident that we do this 99% of the time, as I'm borderline annoying about kids' safety. Note - big boy Carter still uses a booster and most kids his age (and size) are well past that. However, this one time she was unbuckled is when she fell.

So, lesson learned. Blake and I were able to joke about the incident today stating that without fail - if we do something irresponsible parenting wise - there is someone there to witness it. Carter diving face first off the bus to our hotel in Hawaii? My grandmother, Caroline and Colt saw it. Jack falling down a flight of wooden stairs? Britney saw it. Lainey falling out of her carrier? Steve.

Off to Elitch Gardens today for our first visit to the park this season. We're going as "sneak peak" guests because the park does not open for a few weeks. However, we got tickets for a fundraiser to support research on Caroline's disease, Scleroderma. The weather is beautiful and the kids are excited. And, Blake and I are ready to redeem ourselves as good parents. No one is riding a ride today. Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

What?! No Pics of her chin?

starnes family said...

There's barely anything to see. We took plenty of pictures at Elitch's today, so you may notice there. I'll post asap!

Malinda said...

I learned the same lesson when Cason slipped through the stroller and I was pushing him around without even realizing he was hanging by his head. Now, he always gets strapped into the stroller. I also had an audience of stangers when I did that.