Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

Jack's party was a ton of fun and despite my camera not cooperating and providing an inconcistent flash....I managed to capture a few good moments. We actually had a full house and kids were constantly on the go....the girls doing crafts and the boys chasing coyotes outside. I was too discouraged to keep taking pictures due to my current one's poor performance. Time to buy a new one!

Belinda organized the purchase of this train table and it was loved immensely by Jack. Each guest pitched in money to buy it for him. So, so much to do and he will love it for years.

Daddy putting together the Cozy Coupe from Pa and Mae Mae.

AnnMarie and Lainey....our baby girl sitting up now!

Jack unwrapping train after train wrapped by Belinda.. There must be over 50 of them! He wouldn't keep at it, though. He would unwrap a few trains and immediately run back to the table to see how they worked. We finally finished unwrapping them all this morning.

When it came to cake time, Blake solidified his task-never-to-be-given-to-him-again. He dropped the entire 24 cupcake cake on his foot.

Luckily, a grocery store down the street had a stand-in and we added the train from the original cake....and all was well.

Sweet boy checking out the choo choo while everyone sang.

3 generations.

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Anonymous said...

The cake falling on the foot was not an "accident". He dropped it on purpose so that he will never be asked again to help with the cake. One less task for him to do! That's what men do!