Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two ER Visits For The Month

Guessing Carter is next. We went this time for Jack who fell and hit just above his eye on a planter while twirling through the garage.

We've been spending a lot of time outside lately due to the pretty weather and also in anticipation for Jack's birthday, his playhouse and making the backyard safe for the little ones. While planting some flowers tonight, Jack was being his usual goofy self and fell right into a stack of 6 flower boxes I placed neatly in the corner to return to Home Depot.

We quickly called Amber who rushed right over to watch the other kids. Carter was hysterical, crying and so worried about his little brother. While I was loading Jack in the car, Blake stood with Carter and tried to calm him down. Before leaving, Carter cried out to Blake, "Don't let them give him stitches or he'll look like Frankenstein!" Sweet brothers.

The hospital visit was rough. They had to wrap Jack in a sheet to secure his arms and legs. Nurses held him down while the doctor gave him two stitches after several shots to numb the area. Blake was brilliant as always and I tried to keep my crying concealed and to a minimum. But, it was difficult.

He's fine now and in bed after some extra time in front of the TV with Daddy. Blake and I have seen enough drama for a while....or at least this week!

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Anonymous said...

At least it was a different ER and they didn't recognize you!

Poor Jack, looks like he's smiling in the hospital picture.

He's a tough kid!