Monday, April 07, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Potluck

About a month ago, Blake and I hosted a potluck dinner and it turned out to be a big success. Lots of pictures from our fun night...

Wearing Pa's apron he sent with some Australian lamb. A little free advertising never hurt anyone.

Bella and Chris.

We had the bounce house out and it was a hit.

More kids in the house than ever before. We couldn't fit them all in one picture!

Rien and Bella took the lead during a "leprechaun search" through the house for the pot of gold.

Here they are reading a clue that took them to a new location to find another....until they finally found the prize.

Debbie and Belinda.

Casey and Amber.

Matthew and Josie.

Trying to get a picture of Emily.

Blake and Chris.

Ryan and Belinda with Amber's daughter, Taylor.

AnnMarie and Ryan.

The "C" boys - Caden, Carter, and Collin.

Finally a picture of Emily.

Lots of props that night!

Blake and Belinda.

Dance party!

Room to run now that the party is dying down.

Such good buddies.....Lindsey and AnnMarie.

The craft table.

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Malinda said...

You are very brave to have that many kids in your house a once!