Monday, April 14, 2008

Skiing With Pa

Lots of pictures from our day skiing in Breckenridge.

The boys before the first ride up.

On the lift!

On their way down. Pa and Blake are pictured here. Pa did so well, especially for not having skied in over 10 years.

Baby girl taking a nap.

At the Copper Top Lodge, connected to our hotel. We made this our home base for the day.

Blake and I so rarely get to ski together due to taking turns watching the this was a real treat. I love to watch Blake ski.

Pa feeding Lainey.

We take Jack out often to walk because he enjoys being in the snow so much.

Carter and Pa on their ride up alone.

On the lift...such good buddies.

Today, Carter started the morning with "I miss Pa." I reminded him that he'll be back in two weeks.

His reply, "No, 12 days."

Steve taking Jack over to the window to take a look. You can barely see Carter hanging out at the fire pit with some big boys.

And, here he is. This kid couldn't be cooler.

I went for a run with Steve and Carter and we took the Mercury lift up to give us a long run down. The snow was nearly perfect. Carter yells out, "Pa, this is what they call powder."

Carter and Steve skiing down.

Steve and Casey.

Pa and Blake went up the mountain and I took the kids to play pool.

They took a short run down. Had to take this picture of Steve in his suspenders. He was looking for a really bright color or print, but could only find this dull red. :)

Love this one.

And, this one.

Into the village for the Spring Massive Beer Festival.

Never easy to get a good picture of everyone. Even Jack is becoming difficult!

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