Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Deadwood, South Dakota

Last post on our trip....

We stayed in Deadwood for our last night and it's a fun town. Our hotel was right on Main Street which is full of action and lots to do.

The new Saloon #10, where Wild Bill was shot.

We walked pretty much the entire town on our last morning there.

The historical and haunted Bullock Hotel. This is where we took the Ghost Tour.

On the tour....

The Midnight Star....Kevin Costner's casino and restaurant. It holds much of his memorabilia from movies.

A tribute to Wild Bill Hickok.

Some pictures from town.

Checking out the historical markers.

Skiing nearby.

The Deadwood Visitors Center.

Baby Lainey taking it all in.

The Badlands....the end of main street....most dangerous during the Gold Rush.

The original site for Saloon #10.

Blake found this underground railroad set up. It was huge and detailed with many trains, towns, and tunnels. Jack LOVED it!

At The Celebrity Casino.

Carter's favorite....the jacket worn by "Jack" in his favorite movie, Titanic.

We happened upon this at some point during the trip. Blake didn't see it. Glad I did. Turn around!

Overall, we had a great time despite the rough end to our drive. We logged close to 1,200 miles during this trip, so it was extensive but fun! We'll definitely be back.

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