Friday, February 27, 2009


I just went to put a few cards in the mailbox to send out and brought my house key with me. Toddlers have been known to lock you out of the house if you're not on your toes.

When I pick up toys and pretend kitchen "food", I have to hide the small things like fabric cupcakes or plastic potatoes because if not, Batman will hoard them in the basement.

Am I the only one who does weird stuff like this to accommodate kids and pets?


Anonymous said...

when I pick up Hagen's toys (because he has yet to figure it out) I HAVE to put them back put together. All pieces together, all parts connected. If Mr. Potato head has a pair of shoes in the block basket it makes me CRAZY!!! I will search the whole house for a missing piece and will not relax until I find it!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I do weird stuff all day long... Like I only do the dishes when the baby's asleep bc he likes to unload the dirty ones back into the cabinets as I load them into the dishwasher... Or we can't break out my 3.5 yo daughter's princess dressup stuff because he pitches a holy hell fit if he doesn't have the turquoise boa and they fight over it... Or like telling the kids that chocolate is poison... Poison that only mommy's are immune to... Yeah. I do those things, too. It's not just you!