Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 10

I've been known to find some pretty kooky destinations on vacation and this one was no different. In La Jolla Cove......The Cave.....pretty cool. Dug out by pick and shovel in 1902, it's been around for over a century.

145 steps descend down to sea level. You follow the tunnel to find the ocean.

A beautiful peak out onto La Jolla Shores beach. The kids loved the spookiness of it all.....the crabs....the adventure.

Check out the miserable kid behind us in this picture. We'll be there soon enough....dragging our kids to similar destinations.....with far less enthusiasm as they show today. Don't worry. It won't stop me.

The climb up is not so comfortable. Especially with a screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs almost-2-year old strapped to me.

We walked over to snorkel in the cove nearby. Look closely at the many pelicans scaling this wall.

One of my favorites from the trip....Lainey in the "pack pack" and her babies strapped to the front of it. Lamby and Meow Meow. Blake is a good sport.

No. That is not a fanny pack. Shut up, Coco. It's the Ergo folded down while not in use.

Would love to return to this area and snorkel into this cave.

Seals....with kayaks sneaking peaks too close for comfort. They're not friendly animals, people!

Lovely, lovely La Jolla Cove. I snorkeled for a bit and saw some beautiful fish....a few different kinds.

Jack wanted to venture into this cave on foot. Saving it for next year, maybe. He's still too little. But, I'm so encouraged by his enthusiasm!

Our big boy snorkeled and loved it. Tried it first in Akumal at age 4 and has been fascinated ever since.

Baby girl and Jack stuck to the shore.

Most of the trip included kids (literally) in tow. Jack with me:

Lainey with Blake:

Lunch time, nap time and then out to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. There is simply no place like it.

Seeked out our favorite photo ops first.....have the following 2 of Carter since he was a toddler.

I wanted to bring this guy home with us. Blake said NO.

So, I settled for this one.

The zoo was open until 9pm, so we stayed late. Lovely after dark!

Blake and I were hysterical with laughter as the following event unfolded.....3 kids attempting an old school photo booth. It was a total disaster.

No one understood what to do....or when to smile....or what to push. Even with our direction, it was a big mess.

And, we ended up with this beauty. Well done, Carter.

OK....hang in more day in Cali and then I'll post road trip pics. Pretty fabulous!


Coco said...

THANK GOD, you cleared up the fanny pack. I was about to get in my car and go through your closet. No lie.
But seriously, how long will you be carting those kids around in that thing? I am shocked Carter wasn't in it at some point....or Blake for that matter.

Love the pics!!!!Love you!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

GREAT shots. You fit a whole lot in. And I totally love the kayaking pic with the seals. I love kayaking and have been close up to dolphins but not seals. I would take my chances!!!!!!!!!!!