Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Questions And An Award

Some things I have been wondering....

*Why does every person in the room automatically need to talk to me as soon as I turn on the vacuum?

*Do children have an internal clock that goes off at 4:00 each day, turning them into complete monsters, thus making me wonder how I will actually make it until Blake arrives home an hour and a half later?

*How does a puddle look so attractive to a child, yet bath time can elicit such strong protests?

*Does anyone else find it odd that our husbands know exactly when the next (insert favorite college team here) football game is coming on, yet not the slightest clue when a child's soccer game is scheduled for?

*Who coordinated football season with the holidays and when can I speak to him about that?

*How can I get in touch with someone who might be interested in recording Lainey's screech (when Jack comes near her) to use on prisoners during terrorist questioning?

OK, that's it for now. Just a few things rattling around in this brain of mine. See? I don't have room for LSU's prior football coaches.

Moving on....I got an award! Was just thinking that it had been a long time since we passed them here I go. It came from Allyson and Dave....the cutest couple, always on the go and living life.

So, I award the following:

Sassafrass Jane - an old friend, a newby to the blogosphere and definitely one to read. Seriously funny. Super cute.

The Lenzers - another old friend from my working days, mom of 2 with another on the way. She has a candid way about reporting on motherhood that I can definitely relate to.

Monica - a family friend and one that I've really enjoyed getting to know since our blogging worlds collided. She has a love of travel like me and I know we'd be great friends in real life if we lived, oh, maybe in the same part of the country.

And, there it is! Pass it on, girls.....make someone's day!


Monica said...

Thanks for the award. I will put it on my blog tomorrow!

Dee Stephens said...

funny post Casey! GEAUX TIGERS!

The Jones Family said...

Mark and I enjoyed your post last night; I was laughing pretty hard at the reality of all your "thoughts". Too funny... and so dang true!

The Lenzers said...

-you get to vacuum? my kids are constantly unplugging the stinking cord. and yes they must talk to you RIGHT THEN! Just like they do if you need to make a phone call.
-yes, all kids are born to know 4pm. I like to call it the "witching hour" even though it lasts for 3-its why my kids go to bed at 7pm!
-You're bath water is too clean-looses the attraction
-That's just how a man's brain works....hence....
-It was a man who made the schedule
-I have looked for the "terrible 2's voice recorder"-can't locate him-he's probably in the crazy house by now (or prison for killing said 2 year old)

Thanks for the award. I LOVE IT!! You are so sweet and always know how to make someone feel good.

Forgot to tell you yesterday-glad you liked the enchaladaa. The recipe is the same as Coco's! Also, loved the train tent picture. That's too funny!

SASS said...

Thanks Casey!! So fun! I wondered how you got those!

Love the thoughts. My mom told me about the 4pm thing. When I was a nanny, I thought I was going nuts. EVERY DAY he would lose it at 4:00-5:00. Of course, while I was trying to cook. Cracking up about lil Laine. Too funny!

donatelli98 said...

Chatty's favorite "I have to tell you something right now" and always as soon as you pick up the phone to talk to someone. Mr. ESPN can give you a run down of everyone's college football schedule with times, etc. But since he helps coach soccer, he knows when the games are ... good luck finding some room for more LSU football stats.