Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend, Weekend

Has this been a long week for you? Seems like everyone is feeling stressed right now. Monday started off with my usual morning chat with Britney.....she called and I launched into some typical complaint or joke about the kids being kids.....and was stopped abruptly when she told me her grandfather died. So sad for the Starnes family.....funeral arrangements and Blake's flights to Dallas to be with everyone.....lots of prayers and thoughts for so many we love.

All of my little annoyances seem very trivial in comparison.....Lainey's being super feisty these days...challenging me in new and different ways....the terrible twos for sure. The boys are surprisingly cooperative at the moment, but daily rain has kept us inside, turning even the best of attitudes into fussy ones.

So, the weekend is near and I'm working on a game plan to cheer everyone up and have some summer fun, as the leaves are starting to change in scattered areas, which means the weather will be soon, too. No complaints from me.....but I do want to enjoy the sun while we have it.

Maybe a trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead?

Little ones are always happy here.

We found a butterfly garden and nature walk last trip and I can't wait to get back to take trail into the woods.

Feeding animals...

And, lots of walks on their beautiful grounds.

A project to complete for Blake and me. Well, kind of me. Blake paints and I usually watch. 2 coats have been applied so, we just need to distress and then put an antique glaze on plus hardware. Isn't this piece darling? LOVE it.

Definitely a night out at Worlds of Fun.

Lainey wants to go on the "skoo bus" again.

And, maybe the kangaroos.

Jack and Carter ride a lot together, which warms my heart. Brothers can be so sweet.

All 3! What fun they have.....and equally, Blake and me watching them.

I think that might cover it for us. You? What's on your agenda?


Malinda said...

Cason is spending Saturday and Saturday night at my parents so we get to actually go out and maybe see a movie and eat dinner without a two year olds tantrums!

Britney said...

I'm SO thankful this week over. It has been a long one. Happy to have seen family and Blake, espcially, but wish it had been under different circumstances.

This weekend is our last before school starts; Mamma Mia with Papi, Japon for a special dinner and a get together with all my high school girls with their familes!

I will say I'm SO ready for school to start on Monday and for the normal routine to begin...

Miss you!

ZonaCatsFamily said...

Sorry about Blake's grandpa - I saw it on your SIL blog too. I have a feisty two year old girl here too - wanna swap? Instead of wife swap we can do kid swap? We are having lunch with my friend Angie who is in town from FL and then we are going to look for flower girl dresses for Chatty ... we'll probably hang with the neighbors, swim and drink! Have fun this weekend!

The Lenzers said...

I just mentioned on FB yesterday what a long week this was. Sorry to hear about Blakes grandfather. We will be praying for the family. This weekend will consist of me not speaking to Mark as I am a little pissed at him-ha! That will make for a long weekend too!!Have Fun in KC!

Coco said...

Sounds like y'all have an action packed weekend. Fun.

Swimming all weekend and kid free night tomorrow. yeeehaaaww!!!

Dee Stephens said...

so sorry to hear about Blake's grandfather.
That's always hard......
Love, love that piece of furniture! you'll have to keep us updated on it!
It's going to look fab!

Jensen Journal said...

Just more baby preparation for us!
Maybe a nice dinner out...while we can...not much else!

Carrie Darney said...

Baby shower at my house tomorrow morning, pizza night with Hagen's school friend Stone's family Saturday night and nana's house for swimming on Sunday!

I want a DOWN.TIME.DO.NOTHING weekend personally...not going to happen!

So sorry about Grandpa...never easy.

Clare said...

Sorry to hear about Blakes G'pa, I hope the family was able to celebrate his life and remember him the way he would have wanted.
You weekend sounds busy, but fun!

It has been a long week. I think we are just finishing unpacking, getting settled and cleaning.

Enjoy you weekend. We will be settled in the next couple of weeks so we can see about getting together.

FROGGITY! said...

I am so sorry about your loss. I hope your weekend is amazing. Those pics are great, by the way and I LOVE that antique piece!

Clare said...

I can hear the jets practicing right now and it reminded me to let you know the airshow is at the downtown airport tomorrow too. That could be a great outing for you little ones!