Sunday, August 23, 2009

Midwest Travel Report: Parkville, Missouri

Such a darling little town.....such a snag in our plan of where to live. We are really enjoying Johnson County and the amenities are hard to beat. But, every time we venture over the river and into Parkville, we are mesmerized.

The precious downtown area.
The trees, people, the trees!
The itty bitty population (5,000).
The college in town.
The schools.
The charming people and laid back life.

Sigh. Maybe we should flip a coin.

A distinct building on Park University.

Found another house to live in. Not for sale, though. Love this one, though.

Main Street shopping. Lovely 70 degree weather.

Cute wine store...everything is cute here. And, I'm a big fan of "cute".

Coco, you will love this store once you bring your southern booty up here for a visit.

Just a little sample of their stuff. I bought many fun things.

Including this hand-made hat for Laine. Old lady-esque design and a fun twist on cold weather gear for the approaching season.

I do think she is adorable.

The Main Street Inn.

Farmer's Market each weekend.

A train on one side of this enormous park and the Missouri River on the other. It was almost too much for Jack.

Carter took the little ones out to play football with his impromptu friends. Lainey picked flowers the whole time. She is such a girl.

My precious, funny, sweet and entertaining mess of a middle child!

Big muscles.

Our boys.

We sat in between two playgrounds and let the kids run between each of them. Carter was just beyond with some big kids. Blake and I shared a blanket and some kettle corn and the blues music from the festival played in the background. All around, a perfect day.

I love to see the little ones playing together....check them out in the next two pics on the slide.

So happy to see them getting along.

Saw this shirt and thought it was cute.

Parkville at night.....we're mid-way on Main heading up the hill.

Love Spaghetti Western's window. She has such cute ideas!

We'll be back in September for a Blues Festival. And, definitely again for the holiday season.....can only imagine how precious Main Street will be!


Coco said...

I think y'all have no choice. This is where y'all shall live. No questions asked!

Love spaghetti western, you are right, looks right up my ally! CAN'T WAIT to visit!!!

Dee Stephens said...

Yes, good choice for living. Loved the cute wine shop! and Laine's hat!

merrilee said...

Looks too charming for words. I think this would be a great spot for the precious Starnes crew!