Thursday, August 06, 2009

We're Dating Again

OK, not separately. Together. Blake and I are in search of friends.

It's a challenge each time we it to Keller when we built our first house.....then Castle Rock when we moved to Colorado.....then Kansas City. How do you do it? Each time, it seems we become more out of the game and have no clue how to find people we like.

For example, we were at The Stonewall Inn the other night....eating pizza out on the patio and struck up a conversation with an awesome couple. We chatted and laughed and then went on our way, so as not to interrupt their evening. As we walk off, Blake nudges me and gives me the usual, "Did you get their digits?"


We're pathetic! It's so awkward trying to make friends in your 30's. This couple has lived in the KC area their whole lives.....surely they have plenty of friends.....and meanwhile our kids are practically swinging from the trees acting like fools....who would want us?!

Suggestions? Help us! We ain't got no game.


donatelli98 said...

Ooh - as much as I want to move, I don't envy that part of it! My suggestion would be to try and meet some of the moms when Carter starts school and go from there. What about church? That can be good and bad if you know what I mean. Put an ad in the paper! - Family of Five Seeking Friends who can deal spirited children! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Hi Casey,

I have been reading your blog for awhile. I found it through Britney's blog. I know Britney thru Kim and Ashley Willis {Young}. I was KD's with them at LSU and Kim is one of my best friends.

Anyway, I just saw where you said you lived in Keller. We just relocated here back in January. Where did yall live? We are leasing right now and looking to buy and just can't seem to find the right house. And I so agree about meeting people and getting digits as you get older...doesn't it feel weird asking someone for their # now?? Luckily, the people in Keller are so sweet and I have met a few good friends. We really like it here.

Sorry for the novel, just wanted to say hi!

Jennifer O'Hair :)

Jennifer O'Hair

BTW, your kiddos are adorable!!

starnes family said...

Welcome, Jennifer!

I just left you a comment on your's so cute!

We lived in Woodland Springs in Keller. HUGE community.....wonderful ammenities. Loved it there. We left the area after 4 years in I'm sure it's changed a lot. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way.

PS - Keller was just named one of the top 10 places to live.....found the article recently on did well choosing a city!

Carrie Darney said...

Yo uknow, I have alot of friends here in McKinney just because we grew up one with kids Hagen's age. I have been struggling with this for awhile now. It is so hard to find a couple with kids your kids age, a mom that you get along with, and dad's that get along is a whole family dating situation really.

We recently started Hagen in swimming lessons and have met some great people AND his school friends. We have started inviting some of his frinds and their parents over for hotdogs and slip n slide stuff. We are currently dating a family that WE LOVE! They have a little boy Stone and I love his Mom and the men get along good too.

Once Carter starts school again, have parties like you always do...that seems like what you do anyway. You guys always make frineds so do Mer and Darin!! Always been an inspiration to me!

Sorry this is insanely long...

Dee Stephens said...

Having moved several times myself I've had to make friends as well. Church is one good way, neighbors?, then sounds goofy but what about joining the Delta Gamma alumni group? It's a great way to meet other women your age many of whom have families as well?? It would also give you something to do that's 'for you'??
Also, as I've written about on my blog before..
Find a mommies group mabye and then maybe they have cool hubbys too?

Coco said...

I took awhile finding friends here. Didn't want to rush it and make friends for the just the sake of making friends, wanted good people that have a lot in common with us.
It took two years for us to really get a solid core group. I met them at swimming lessons for Bram and then some at Bram's mothers day out program. As soon as Carter starts school and Jack and Laine are in a prek program you will meet tons of moms and dads and find the friends that are just for you.
I have made some of my best friends in my mid thirties, who would of thought?!!
And who wouldn't adore you! Blake might be a problem, but you're the best! xxoo

Jennifer said...

Hello again,

I know exactly where Woodland Springs is! We are leasing in Heritage. It's also a huge master planned community with tons of parks, pools, etc. And I did see where Keller was ranked #7 in the top ten places to live. We really just kinda randomly picked it out of all the DFW suburbs and I'm so glad we did! Great schools, parks and place to raise a family.

Well, so glad I came out of the woodwork and introduced myself. I love reading about your kids and yall's adventures!! You sound like such a fun Momma!!

Jennifer :)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Good luck...we've lived her a long time. We still really don't have couple friends. But alas Angry Husband and I attract totally opposite "friend" styles. I still don't even know how we got together? Oh that's right, we are Angry.

Malinda said...

I've had a hard time meeting friends now that I have a child and no longer work. I tried LIttle Gym thinking I would meet some Moms with kids Cason's age, but that really didn't work so well. Now I have joined a mom's group that I found on and all the people are so friendly and so far working out great. I felt a little weird meeting up with people that I had never met at first, but now it's a lot of fun and Cason loves seeing all the other kids.

If the shoe FITZ said...

We have no friends in Arlington..well we now have one couple that we hang out with every now and then....
But now we have a kiddo coming along...and all are friends are just getting least the ones in DFW. now that I work from's harder.
try's where my sister met a lot of friends when she first moved to corpus

merrilee said...

Try the mommy's group thing. Also, walk around your neighborhood, go to your local parks and strike up conversations. Also, when we moved in, I baked and took goodies to the neighbors houses to meet new folks. We have an AMAZING group of neighbors here, some of my best friends. If you don't like the people, you can always stay inside--ha, ha!!

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