Saturday, August 29, 2009

Football Season Preview

This conversation pretty much sums up what football season sounds like in our house:

(Watching the SEC coverage on TV).

Casey - "Who did we lose this year?"

Blake - "Who did who lose this year?"

Casey - "LSU. Duh. We're talking football here."

Blake - "Riiiiiggght. Y'all were not very good last year, so it doesn't really matter."

....small gasps....we don't talk about LSU not being good even if we stink....

Casey - "I'm talking about graduates. Are our freshmen good?"

Blake - "Case. I appreciate you trying. You really don't know what you're talking about."

....more TV.....they start talking about Alabama.....discussing Nick Sabin, former LSU coach, who now coaches at Alabama....

Casey - "Wait. Nick Sabin is coaching at Alabama? ALABAMA?!!!! I thought he went pro and coached for Miami!"

Blake - "3 years."

Casey - "Oh. Are you sure?"

Blake - "3 years, he's been at Alabama. Go pull the flag out of the front yard and take your link off the blog."

I got some work to do ladies. Must delete the blog in order to put free time into studying football. Kidding, of course. But, I'm really going to try this year.

And, by that, I mean, I'm going to do more than put the kids in cute LSU gear.

Geaux Tigers!!!!!!


Dee Stephens said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Casey... how in the heck did you NOT know that Saban was coaching for Bama?? It must be a long time since you've been to BR b/c people have signs literally in their yard saying BEAT BAMA! Saban is like the devil!
GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clare said...

That's okay you can now cheer for KU-their easier to keep track of since they are from around here!!

starnes family said...

Dee - I know. It's shameful. I forget even the smallest things in between seasons. There is only so much room in this little mind and a lot of the time, it's congested with Blues Clues and potty training literature.

Working on it, I promise!

Thanks, Clare. Will always cheer for LSU, but I do like KU.

donatelli98 said...

So disappointed in you Casey - I take it you missed the College Gameday Preview this morning on ESPN??? I abosultely love college football and love watching SEC football! I personally think that is why Mr. ESPN married me. Don't forget Friday is Show your School Spirit day - send Carter to school in Tigers clothes!

Jodee said...

I am cracking up! I am so lame that I seriously can't even find the ball -- not even on TV! I should be enrolling myself in Football 101, which our University has every year. Unfortunately, I don't have any desire to go!

The Lenzers said...

you're miles ahead of me.
here is how it is at our house-

"shit, it's football season again! guess i will see mark in february!"

SASS said...

This is serious shit. I would be screwed had I gone to a college where I need to be up to date on stats. I much prefer blindly and drunkenly cheering for the MU tigers in cute gear.
Why is it 'geaux'??

Coco said...

I am just as bad. I just like to go to the games and socilize or have parties and chit chat while drinking a cocktail.
And I like to dress my kids up in cute MFHS or Tech gettups.

Im right there with ya sister!

Kelly Beatty said...

Ha Ha. Our house is much the same. I don't know anything about football EXCEPT who's in the SEC. So, Brian quizzes me. He's like, who do you like better Florida or Texas? I answer, Florida. I always go for SEC in the quizzes. Now the LSU v Florida is a tough one. I have many LSU fan friends and I teeter on the line there. I love them both the same, if that's possible. All I know is that I do NOT like Texas A&M. Boo Aggies!!!! College football is fun for the food, friends and booze! Casey, you're ahead of me!

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