Monday, August 03, 2009

Question Of The Week

OK, so who is sick of California at this point? I know....I's painful trying to act enthusiastic about someone else's vacation photos. You've all been delightful. It's coming to an end....I promise. But, I have to keep posting in order, one day at a time. That way, when I print, it will all make sense. Got it?

In other news....I returned yesterday to a long list of fall to-do's. School registration (we pay for this in KC).....loading the lunch account, paying for the bus (new to us, too!), supplies, a backpack, etc. Luckily, I had just ordered the boys' school shoes from Nordstrom before leaving. Got to LOVE their Half Yearly Sale. I save a fortune.

And, speaking of Jack and shoes and school...we've decided to enroll him in the second semester of Preschool, starting after Christmas. Well, I think we've decided. Meeting with the director this week to discuss further. Lots of factors....potty training (starting next week!), many changes (move, long vacation, etc)'s looking like it would be better for him to wait. I feel like he's ready in most areas and he's on target developmentally with colors and numbers and shapes....but the social aspects have us concerned. Being fully independent in the bathroom, knowing a classroom structure and is too much for him, I believe. He has a bit more maturing to do. Just fine in my book....every child at his own pace. Now, if we could just slow Lainey down.

Catechism will start soon, too. You might know this as CCD or Religious Education or School of Religion or something of the like. Every part of the country seems to have a different name. Basically, it's Sunday School for Catholic children. Except it's held on Wednesday. Try to keep up.

And, do you know what all of this school, church, getting-life-in-order business leads us to?! My favorite time of the year.....Fall. August has always translated to pumpkins in my head....not sure makes no sense at all seeing as I was raised in Texas where August is the hottest month of the year. But, it snuck in there and so during August, I'm gearing up for the change. Blake, too. In fact, his words yesterday: "I swear to God, if you ask me to go down to that basement and pull out the pumpkin crap, I'm going to lose it." Lovely, isn't he?

***So.....what's on your list? What do you do to prepare for the upcoming months?


Coco said...

I am just excited for cooler weather, planting pansies, and all the fun stuff that fall brings.

Shannon said...

Taking a Xanax and crossing my fingers.

Heather said...

You and I DO NOT see eye to eye on the seasons. I am not a fan of Fall and Winter. Hate cold weather, gray days, and white skin! :( I just hold out for the pretty days of Spring.

Love Blake's comment

Malinda said...

I pretty much prepare for nothing until the week of Thanksgiving, then I start preparing for Christmas. I'm boring.

donatelli98 said...

Love Blake's comment! Not sure I really do much to prepare since it is so freakin hot here until October ... so I guess my planning consists of swimming in my pool ... I do like fall and wished I lived somewhere where it was an actual season!

You have to pay for the bus and for school too? Can you elaborate on that? We are ranked last in education but we don't pay for any of that so I am curious - thanks.

starnes family said...

We pay $65 just to register the child for school. The bus, for one year, is about $250. Discounts on the bus if you pay in full and early. So, I'll for sure be doing that.

Our school district is fantastic and ranked one of the top 2 in the no complaints....and I guess if paying for the bus (for those who choose to use it) keeps taxes lower, I'm OK with it. But, registration? Odd.

Catechism is more expensive here, too.....$90 a year.....compared to half that in Texas and Colorado.

Every part of the country brings new discoveries!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm with Shannon.. Xanax

Clare said...

I love fall also!! I'm not a huge fan of hot weather so I am very excited for the cool down, even though this year hasnt' been terrible...yet.
I have a lot of things on my to-do list but not b/c of the change of seasons.
BTW, we found a house to rent...I'll e-mail you with details, very excited.

SASS said...

Well, I'm sitting in the Athens airport bored and delirious considering it's almost 2am in Kc.
In addition to Xanax, I always spend so much time switching out clothes and shopping. Our closets are tiny in our old home, so I have to have tons of plastic bins in the attic and basement labeled with seasons. I feel like I just switched out winter for spring and summer, and here we go again! Love fall and winter until January. Then I'm OVER IT.
Also, Deanna Rose has the most darling Harvest decorations and celebrations. That's all I got now--I'm sure when I can think like a 'normal' Sarah I'll have more on this!

The Soladay Family said...

I'm with Heather! Summer and Spring are my favorites! I do love college football season which takes place in the fall. =)

Moni said...

I don't do much preparing for anything...I like to stress myself out at the last minute for it usually gives me an excuse to "run" to Target or Walmart at 9 o'clock at night. As far as the upcoming season, I have to mentally prepare myself for winter each year....I absolutely hate everything about it...itchy sweaters, dry/pasty skin, static in my hair, freezing to death while driving to school at 7 am, leaving for work in the dark, leaving to go home in the dark (well maybe not dark, but the sun sets too early!) get the picture. Plus, recess duty in January is absolute TORTURE. The only thing that gets me through is football and basketball seasons!!!!!!