Sunday, August 09, 2009

Question Of The Week - Now With Updates!

Oh, yes. It's time. We've been postponing Jack's potty training for several months now. First, because of our move in May from Colorado to Kansas. Second, the drive cross country. Visit every truck stop between Kansas City and San Diego? No, thanks. Diapers seemed like a much easier option.

So, here we are now. I'm still not 100% sure he's ready. He doesn't show much interest in it. But, we're going for it. I've reviewed the method we used with Carter and am hoping for the same success.

I have no expectations in regards to Lainey's potty training, but am prepared should she insist on it. And, if I know my daughter like I think I do, she will.

The checklist:

big kid undies - check
sticker chart - check
stickers - check (thanks, Donna!)
doll that pees (working on it)
party supplies - check
crate of wine - check (for Mom, of course)

I'm feeling optimistic and excited about this. Now, all we need to do is prepare Batman for his training.


***The question - What are your tips? Last minute advice? Words of wisdom?


Jack - 2 accidents, 1 successful potty!
Lainey - 2 accidents, 2 successful potties! (yes, she went first - poor Jack)

Jack - no accidents since naptime, several potties and one poop!!!!! (who knew this would be suitable conversation for the blog?)
Lainey - 1 accident since naptime, several potties

Jack - no accidents since naptime, several potties....seems to be on board the "potty train" if you know what I mean!
Lainey - no recent accidents.....not as efficient as Jack, but hanging in there
Casey - in need of a strong margarita

Think I'll sign off and return to my post on the floor....monitoring "activity", altered faces showing suspicious concentration....and wait patiently for the husband to arrive home.

Overall, it's been a great day for potties everywhere. Hallelujah!


Coco said...

Bram potty trained really easy with the tee tee part. He just refused to poop. We didn't push it and the day after his third birthday he decided that would be the day he pooped in the potty. He has NEVER had an accident since.

I think you just let it happen.

Oh, I went to the Sherrif Dept and Firestation and asked for stickers, like big badge stickers. That was a huge hit!

Dee Stephens said...

Brad's sister-in-law(my future one) used some sort of DVD that talked about going to the potty. He LOVED IT! When we babysat all he did was want to go and sit on the potty then use a whole roll to wipe! It was hysterical.

Heather said...

so funny --- as soon as I saw that picture of the potty and read the 1st line ---I thought to myself --- Lainey is gonna be right there with him wanting to do it too!

The book "Potty Training In a Day" - worked like a charm with all 3 of my kids. Funny thing.. when I potty trained Brooks, Halle Caroline was 6 weeks old. I held her over the potty and she would tee tee everytime. It was hysterical!

btw- I was cracking up at your post on my blog! You know me too well! ;)

The Lenzers said...

Connor has been potty trained for about 6 months now , although we are just starting to wear underwear at night. That part is not going so well, I was alot of sheets. We got lucky and he never had fear of the potty for #1 or #2. We got him a couple of potty's when Colton was born and he played with them. Stickers and all that did not work for us, but m&m's did! He wore pull-ups for a while, but they are expensive and he was using them as a crush. Finally I took him underwear shopping and just threw out the pull ups. He has had a few accidents, in fact had one just yesterday. The hardest part was/is when he gets busy playing and doesn't want to stop. Wouldn't you be blessed if Lainey did it at the same time!!! Good Luck, can't wait to follow the progess.

Malinda said...

You are going to think this sounds nuts, but place him facing the back of the regular toilet. One of my friends did this with both of her kids and it really works. I thought she was nuts when she told me how to do it. It's one of those things you have to see to believe. Put him backwards facing the tank of the toilet and little kids fit so much better and do not fall in and you can skip having to clean out a baby potty each time.

Cason has been peeing on the toilet for 7 months now (since he was 18 mths). He doesn't tell us when he has to go, but he pees every time I put him on it. We reward him with 3 mini m&ms each time he goes. It's my fault he's not completely potty trained because I have not committed to taking him every 30-45 minutes and just put him on there a couple times a day. I hope some of this helps and that it goes smoothly for you.

whereismymind said...

No advice, just wishing you good luck! Ugh. Avery was easy, she pretty much just decided she was ready one day and starting going... I'm kind of concerned about how it's going to go with Henry.

FROGGITY! said...

i just let LL have accidents occasionally. it has worked b/c she HATES having wet pants.

i am with you on the waiting until family vaycay roadtrip is over to potty train... we stayed in the pull ups for so long b/c of that!! eeekk!

but a potty trained young'un sure is cheap... :)

Carrie Darney said...

I have no advise. Just claps! I hope it is a successful day for you!

They have potty trained Hagen at school...Peer Pressure got to him. But, he won't really go at home. Yesterday he did pee 2 x's and pooped a pebble (most of it was in his diaper). It was cute. Ryan and I were in the kitchen talking and Hagen was by the couch and yelled "Poo Poo is coming!!!" So we ran to the toilet and it was mostly out...but one little chunk came out. That warrented a reward! Skittles are a hit!

merrilee said...

I also used bribery--jelly beans. I also REALLY played up the "big girl" thing and she was getting ready to start pre-school so this was a big motivator! I think Carrie may be right with the peer pressure thing.

SASS said...

This is hilarious. Your post, plus comments. Ha! Can't believe I'll be on that track someday. Josie was a pain in the ass, I can't imagine kids. At least they have diapers.
Tony said Lu had a little potty with a flush noise that sounded like a grown-up toilet flush. She was otherwise happy to pee where she stood. Shocker.
I remember Sam wasn't interested EVER, and my parents let it go until he was 4. NOT KIDDING. He still has potty issues because of this. Kidding.
Can't believe you're doing two at once! Good luck!