Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Tag

Hello, ladies. Let's wrap up this season with a fun summer tag! Fill out the following and then share the love.

Favorite Summer Movie: Summer Rental, Dirty Dancing, Summer School, Vacation, The Great Outdoors (obviously, I'm thinking old school)

Favorite Summer Cocktail: pina colada

Favorite Summer Song: "When the Sun Goes Down" by Kenney Chesney and Uncle Cracker

Favorite Summer Meal: grilled veggies

Favorite Summer Outfit: skirt, tank, flip flops

Favorite Summer Reading: "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" by Janelle Brown

Favorite Summer Moment: discovering the tide pools in California, Disneyland, summer concerts in Kansas, Worlds of Fun

I'm tagging:

The Soladay-Jones Family

Hagen Daze

The O'Hair Family

The Lucky Little Life

The Snyder Family

OK....pass it on so everyone gets a turn. Enjoy!

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