Sunday, April 11, 2010

Most. Patient. Cat. Ever. Part 2

About 6 months ago, I posted this about how unusually tolerating our cat is. And, since then, the situation has gotten even worse.

Or, better.

Depending on if your name is Batman.

You'll probably recognize his favorite spot the balcony......he loves the air conditioner (which comes out of the floor in houses here in The Midwest, Coco). He also loves to look outside and dream of days where he's able to chase down one of the squirrels that taunt him on a daily basis.

All of this makes it that much easier for Jack and Lainey to torment him. They know his domain.

"You yike the doggy, Matman."

"And, Meow Meow. Yook, Mama. Der friends."

"Matman needs a watch." So what if he won't sit still long enough to put it on his wrist? Try laying it on his back!

Not the smartest move, Batty. You're going to be in that high chair in t-minus 2 seconds.

He wouldn't sit still, so they brought the peas and carrots to him instead.

More reading lessons.

Persuasion to love the lemur.

Cuddling. Not by his own free will, mind you.

Tea time.

Getting trendy.

The shame is finally taking its toll.

"No tea for me, thanks."

"OK. One bite and that's it."

Another brave move, Batty Boy.

And, one they're willing to work with. "Yet's build a train track ober him!"
I know.
There are no words.
This cat has secured his placement in feline heaven.


Leiah said...

I love the train tracks over him...too funny! Thought about you yesterday as I was eating the most delicious, spicy crawfish at my sister's house in Texas. So good. There will be a post about it - with pictures just for you.

The Soladay Family said...

Sweet, Batman.
Reminds me of our 2 doggies. So patient with 4 boys constantly cuddling, squeezing, dressing them in random T-shirts, picking up and dragging...nothing like growing up with a pet!

FROGGITY! said...

casey, i am laughing SO HARD RIGHT NOW.

'getting trendy' hahaha!!! that is one patient cat...

If the shoe FITZ said...

Why do cats love to just plop in the middle of something like he did with the train? Hilarious...LC needs a sistah! ha!

Sara said...

Poor, poor Batman. Definitely the most patient cat ever to walk the face of this earth.

amy7503 said...

I've never known a cat that didn't hiss at kids. That's amazing!

Lauren W said...

Although I appreciate the kindness of Batman, I will never be convinced that a cat is better than a dog. I think you have a freak cat that is patient. Every cat I knew growing up would have hissed and scratched the crap out of any kid that put a scarf on them. Batman will have a mansion in heaven with a really big litter box, that's for sure.

Allyson and Dave said...

That is one patient cat. I am impressed.

Amy said...

That's a very patient cat! We have 2 cats and they run whenver they since "danger" (or should I say Kaitlynn)! Actually the calico, Pumpkin used to roll around on the floor with her when she was a baby and not as mobil.

aunt caroline said...

I love and miss Batty!

The Luis Family said...

I am not a cat person, but I think I would like Batman! What a sweet kitty with the kids! They will remember Batman for the rest of their lives!

Kristen said...

This is adorable.... I think my fat cat Maddux would be this tolerant if I had kiddos in the house. Yzerman, on the other hand, would simply find a quiet spot (ie; under a bed) where no one could bother him. He likes his space much more than Maddux does.

And feline heaven for sure... no doubt about that!

Hattie said...

How cute is that. We have a cat named Boogie that looks just like Batman. Boogie is no where as friendly w/ the kids as Batman.

Those pics are too funny!!!

The Rand's said...

Wow. You're not kidding with the most patient cat ever. Batman wins.

Cate O'Malley said...

Too funny - loved the pics, especially the tea party one!

Julie said...

We have Bobby. He puts up with so much from the kids and Wilbur. Well come to think of it from Jim and Mike too. Poor cat, no not really he has the Life of Riley anyways.
Thanks for sharing.
Now have a great day and God Bless!!

Monica said...

I am so glad you took all of these pictures. This is HILARIOUS. I have NEVER seen a cat be so patient. Seriously made me laugh!