Friday, June 25, 2010

On My Mind Lately

1. I could never be a Bachelorette. Aside from the fact that I'm married and have 3 children......I couldn't do it. First, I can't go outdoors without sunglasses. Second, I don't use the word "amazing" nearly enough to qualify. Third, if someone showed me a tattoo like Kasey got, I'd die laughing and walk out.

2. Jack is starting to remind us of this guy.

He's such a grump. His standard rebuttal to the simplest of requests is, "No fank you!"

3. I need to write a letter to the DVR geeks. I've been diving in the basement left & right in fear of tornadoes and at all the wrong times. Can't they make the storm notices privy only to current TV?

4. Jack tells me he loves me 30 times a day. "Wuv you, Mom!" If he's out of the room, he'll yell it. Carter does it, too. Lainey? Not so much. If her 2 year old mind could formulate the words, she'd say, "This is pathetic, brudders."

5. Sometimes I feel like all I do in the summer is wash swim suits and slice strawberries.

6. Lainey lives in a princess filled, candy land themed, kitten crawling universe. I still don't know where she came from.

7. 18 days until La Jolla. I cannot wait to see the ocean, visit with our California family and spend some time with Mickey. Best part? Caroline is booked to join us! I'm giddy just thinking about it. A lot has happened since our trip last year. I'm so happy we're all going to be together again.

8. We're flying this year. 5 people, 4 bags to check, 5 carry ons, and one massive double stroller. Still deciding on whether or not to lug on 2 car seats. Has anyone ever been kicked out of an airport based on absurdity alone?

9. Blake and I have been eating high protein, low carb for almost a month. I've lost 5 pounds. We're not cold turkey no carb.......a tortilla here and there....and fruit......but not much. Feels pretty good!

10. The punks have grown a liking to the potty talk. Or, really, just any talk that seems inappropriate or annoying.

Chicken butt
Penis butt (Thanks, Blake, for teaching them the correct term! I was fine with "privacy".)

You name it......they'll say it. Doesn't help having a 9 year old in the house. We cured "shut up" after a year's worth of frustration with hot sauce. Yes, I'm a saucer. Don't judge. We tried everything. If they keep it up, I'm going to be wearing a bottle of Tabasco on a string like a necklace. Presence is everything, you know.

11. Katherine, a friend on Facebook, reminded me that Christmas is 6 months from today. You shopping yet?

Think I'll close on that note. 3 days of work ahead of me and then Sweet Caroline is in town! The kids are about to burst with excitement. Lainey's rehearsing stories to tell her. Carter's planning which Wii games will be played. Jack's working on new and interesting ways to decline invitations. "No fank you" is getting monotonous, even for him. Can't wait to see what the little 4 year old mind conjures up.


Dee Stephens said...

Hot Sauce.. never heard of that one but I'll keep it in mind! Have a fab weekend!
Christmas...umm...we have football season to get through firsT!

Coco said...

Strawberries and blueberries are being purchased by the crate. I know how you feel.

Really 5 lbs? You suck. I haven't had a carb all week and havent dropped a lb. Not fair.

Clare said...

I have been cutting so much fruit lately too, I love eating it but the cutting does suck.
Yay you for losing 5lbs, and quick too!
18 days, that's really close!

donatelli98 said...

Great job on the 5lbs - I seem to lose it and find it every other week! What's worse than the swimsuit are the towels! Ugh! I need to refill our fruit stash too - more strawberries and blueberries! At least Jack is using manners when he declines!

Sara said...

Blueberries and melon at my house. I think Hudson may be allergic to strawberries. He always breaks out in a little rash after he eats them....which is why I don't give them to him anymore. Poor baby. We'll have to try them again in a few months.

Christmas....for reals????? ugh.

Good for you and Blake. And I can't wait to hear all about Caroline's visit!! Have a great weekend.

timmonstimes said...

I have been struggling with the whole lose a pound, gain a pound :( Ugh! Happy for you! I'd be so content if I could lose 10 and keep it off!

I haven't started shopping for Christmas but I HAVE started planning Corinne's 2nd birthday and it is just a month before Christmas:)

Becca Jane said...

Ooh Cam has turned into a potty mouth too, and I HATE IT. So we spend time talking to him about "words that make Jesus happy or sad". So far so good...??

My hair isn't pretty enough to be the Bachelorette. And I couldn't stand and pretend to stare at those framed pictures each week. And when Chris announced the final rose of the night, I'd be like "yeah, duh."

Alexandra said...

That salad almost had me busting through the screen for it.


The Gypsy♥Belle said...

Can you please not make me drool lady? That salad LOOOOOOKSSS AMAZING.

Def couldn't go on the Bach, I couldn't take the drama. I would probably punch one of them.

You answered my prayers.
Potty words have been FLYING out left and right of Nicks mouth!! Driving me NUTSO.

Yay for loosing 5 pounds!!!!! Go Girl!

Kim said...

I am just jealous of your trip to see Mickey. Have a fun weekend!

Pam Bowers said...

I love so much potty mouths. Glad you all get to come out here.

Julie said...

Enjoy your vacation, ingnore the potty mouths, smile with the luv u's and just enjoy the summer. Christmas??? 6 months way, not thinking about it, NOT YET!!! :o)
I so love reading your posts, you make me smile all the time. Thank you for sharing.
Have a great weekend. God Bless!

Kelly Beatty said...

5lbs, that's awesome. I have stopped drinking alcohol and not lost any weight. It is like quitting heroin...I've substituted it with ice cream.

You left out the fact that during charades Lainey acted out being "poop".

Have fun in La Jolla!

The Lenzers said...

good for the healthy eating, i am so ready for some of that, just as soon as i get my kitchen unpacked. yeah vacation!!!!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Great job on losing the 5 lbs! But no carbs, I don't think I could do it!

Who starts shopping now for Christmas? Way too soon for me to start!

J said...

I am LOSING SLEEP over the carseat to the airport decision (for me, not you, of course) for my upcoming trip. So please post on what you decide and how it works out. Love the grumpy old four year old. At least he's polite!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I know what you mean about cutting fruit, my cutting board never gets put away these days!

So excited for you and your vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

SASS said...

I love this post. The hot sauce kills me. I just remembered what happened the night I sat:
(Jack was grumping and mumbling as I gave him his pizza)
Carter: Jack, do you want hot sauce??
Sass: Does he eat it with his pizza? Man, that's intense.
*everyone looks at me with annoyed faces*
I get it now. I get it.
Could never be the Bachelorette. I'd have it narrowed down to the top 5 the first night. Remember Mexican Food guy? Kind of like Natalie and "I like bears" during J Mesnick's season. And Kasey's VOICE! Tony does a fabulous impression I must get footage of.
I wuv the wuv yous! So sweet, those boys.
Cracking up at #6.

Holly Lefevre said...

Oh have fun in La Jolla...such a beautiful place! I have not been there in awhile but I remember it so well.

We have lots of potty talk happening here...I like the hot sauce idea.

Thanks for the Xmas reminder!!!! I think.

The Rand's said...

So happy Caroline gets to visit and go on the trip with you all! Fun!!
Hot sauce. I'm too much of a weanie, so I use apple cider vinegar.
Strawberries, blueberries, grapes and watermelon here. Love the yummy summer fruit!!
We always rent a booster or carseat when we get our rental car.
So proud of you and the 5 lbs. I think you gave it to me. I'm a fat ass. Seriously lost all of my motivation! Good for you!!!