Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stuff That's Annoying Me

1. My teenage-like skin care routine. I'm pretty sure the last time I had this many problems with my complexion, I was wearing a cheer leading uniform and taking Calculus. Why am I 35 years old and dealing with this?

2. The oil spill. I won't dare elaborate. It's heartbreaking.....the animals.....the tourist industry.....the future for an already shaky economy nation-wide. Yes, it affects all of us. Even land-locked, middle of America, Kansas.

3. The 4,592 things on my list. Old stuff......sorting through pictures and putting them into albums. Printing out pictures. My vacation scrapbook from '09. My scrapbook from our trip to OKC in '08. The picture file on my computer. A frame for my Campbell's Soup Andy Warhol print. Plants. Selling stuff on Craigslist without getting murdered. Laundry. RCIA. Planning Caroline's visit next week. Organizing my closet. Finding the dead animal in our bedroom. You know. The little things.

4. Roadkill. And, the fact that it's taken up residence somehow in our master bedroom. A few days ago, when I was sick and asleep for 2 days, Blake walked in our room and promptly shook my leg. I looked up, startled, and he said, "Just making sure you're alive. It smells like death in here."

And, it did. Does. Still. Something has died in our attic or walls. There is a distinct smell that can only be matched up with roadkill. I know this because in college, my dog, "Clark", loved to get out, cruise the neighborhood and roll around in dead animals.

Finding the culprit has been difficult. Stay tuned. And, until then, anyone want to come over to our house any time soon?

5. These two. Enough said.

What's bugging you?


The Lenzers said...

you want some lengthy comments don't you? the oil spill and every one blaming the other is annoying me! packing....that's really getting to me right now. and my MIL she's annoying the hell out of me

BNM said...

aww that poor bird picture upsets me everytime i see it! sorry about the roadkill in your house lol hope u find the culprit soon :)

Becca Jane said...

Yes, the oil spill is something I can't think or talk about for more than about 3 seconds before I want to cry and must stop. My sister lives in NOLA and one of my best friends is from there.

I feel like I'm constantly annoyed...I'm working on it! My son and his nonstop backtalking is really driving me crazy in life right now.

My bushy eyebrows...wishing my usual wax lady wasn't on maternity leave, I NEED HER!!

I could go on and on. Life is just annoying, isn't it!! But I'll stop. It's Sunday! Much to be grateful for. Let me know if you read that book I just reviewed...I'd LOVE to hear your opinion on it, really. I'm going to keep asking you, haha!!

Hope you have a great Father's Day with your man! Love ya!

Blake said...

1. You dont wear the cheerleading outfit any more.
2. Kids talking too much.
3. Kids splashing me at the pool.
4. Kids always wanting a sip of my 'daddy' drink at the pool.
5. Other people bringing their kids to the pool.
6. See #2, 3 & 4 above regarding other peoples kids.
7. Obama playing golf instead of cleaning the Gulf.
8. Hayword sailing in a race instead of cleaning the Gulf.
9. Unemployment check $$ = NADA MUCHO.
10. Not making enough on unemployment to purchase adequate supply of 'dady' drinks.
11. The fact that I have 300 hours of Dora, Chuggington, Little Bear, Busytown, Wonder Pets, etc on the DVR but have to get up every 30 minutes to start a new show. Ever heard of 'shuffle' DVR people?
12. Lists.

Jodee said...

I agree -- life can be soooo annoying at times.

I hope Blake gets to sip on his favorite "Daddy" drinks today! Enjoy your day!

Dee Stephens said...

Blake's #10 cracks my ass up! The oil spill is pissing me off along with trying to lose 10 pounds!

Kristen said...

The oil spill makes me want to cry :(

Working on a Sunday is bothering me- not getting to spend as much time with my dad as I would like to because of it.

And not knowing what I should do about a guy who I know wants to date me... but I can't seem to want to date him back, even though on paper, he's pretty much the perfect guy.

Kristen said...

The oil spill makes me want to cry :(

Working on a Sunday is bothering me- not getting to spend as much time with my dad as I would like to because of it.

And not knowing what I should do about a guy who I know wants to date me... but I can't seem to want to date him back, even though on paper, he's pretty much the perfect guy.

Unknown said...

Hope your day/week gets better!

Brittny said...

IF YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX PROBLEM #1 PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! I was thinking the same thing, but I don't know if I broke out this much in high school! Hormones are sooooooooooo overrated!!!

Brittny said...

OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!! I LOVE Blake's #11. What a brilliant idea!!!! Maybe he could sell that idea to some dvr people and that and can make up the difference that #9 isn't doing a good enough job at. Never hurts!

Kelly Beatty said...

I have a bunch too:

1) a particular friend continues to have a loveless relationship and seems to not want "more" out of life.

2) the US OPEN (most immediate)

3) generations of people that live on public assistance

4) my dog is shedding like crazy

5) my step-sister (got that from The Lenzers and the MIL)

5a) downstaffing at work (not enough patients having babies!)

6) I live in Pensacola and fear we'll never be able to sell our beautiful house accross the street from the water when my husband is transferred.

Oh, and btw, the beach was beautiful and calm today. I hope the leak is contained very soon.

starnes family said...

Shut up, Kelly! I love Blake!

Kelly Beatty said...

NOT YOU! Jeese, Geese!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Some days everything annoys me! Just smile, take a deep breath and silently count to 10.

Lauren W said...

Love it, Casey.


1. I don't hate people that tan, but I hate people that think you look terrible if your white. I'm an irish redhead with a history of skin cancer.... okay, that's a blog post coming. I'll save my ranting for that.

2. Hollywood invading the Tony awards.

3. The fact that LOST is over.

4. The other mothers in my daughters gymnastics class. All of them. Except one.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Totally know the roadkill feeling...lived with a squirrel for a bit during college until it died in the wall. I think I have commented about this on here before.

Sara said...

1. My skin is at the top of my list too. WTF??!?!?

2. Traffic & Idiot drivers

3. My house is dirty and that really annoys me.

4. This damn heat.

5. This post annoys me because now all I can think about is what annoys me. Thanks, Casey.

Carrie Darney said...

EVERYTHING annoys me! Thanks for letting us vent today! Sorry about the death smell in your house...that sucks.

1. heat
2. Heat and no beer to be drunk
3. people who complain about the kids they have and then talk about trying again...for a certain sex...
4. A girl at work that says ,"What wrong with your lip?" first thing Monday's chapped...sorry it bugs you
5. Drop in visitors. I am not a house you want to just "pop" on in. Well, there are certain people that I would LVOE to drop by anytime. You know what I am talking about.
6. My's out of control and driving ME nuts.
7. all the other stuff I forgot to mention...

The Soladay Family said...

Thank you, Casey, for letting me get a few things off my chest.

1. Sorting through the 630 pictures we took on vacation and trying to condense them down to a few posts that my extended family bugged me about wanting to see yesterday.

2. Trying to get back on Texas time after 10 days on Cali hours? Who knew a 2 hour difference would be so difficult.

3. Dog poop. It looks so ugly in a nicely mowed yard. Not to mention it multiplies like crazy. Seriously, must they poop several times a day?

4. Living so far away from some of my best girlfriends. Why do New York and California have to be on the other side of the universe from Tejas?

5. Dare I? High road...

Coco said...

1-just getting home from a week with the kids and Adam has not done a thing except mow. Dishes in sink, piles of laundry. I am trying not to open a can of not nice on him.

2-my kids are needy and are not letting me get a thing done today.

3-my cell phone is dead and my charger isn't charging. Adam has two chargers at his office.

4-I am fat and don't know how to fix it.

5-it is mother effing hot.

6-the carpet in my bedroom needs to be ripped up because my kids hate me and destroy things. Though, not as bad as yours do.

7-idiot drivers. Especially old people that do not need to have a license any longer.

8-Salads and constant working out and only a six lbs down. This is consuming me.

9-it's mother effing hot.

10-my base boards need to be cleaned.

11-the economy. I used to have a weekly housekeeper. It was awesome. She no longer comes.

12-Tessie Mayes is already in outfit number 15 and it is only 10 in the morning. Fleece top and pajama bottoms with pink socks. All on backwards.

13-Bram snuck a package of hot chocolate into his room and spilled it and tried to clean it up with some orange juice.

14-People that give birth and are crazy and are bad moms.

15-the Staples commercial.

16-how terrible sex in the city 2 was.

17-Sara Jessica Parker has always bugged the ever living shit out of me.

18-it's really hot here.

19-I like gin now. That only leaves whiskey, scotch and bourban that I don't like. A very slippery slope if you ask me.

20-I'm fat.

21-the pile of shit I am staring at in the middle of the living room that needs to be put up.

22-I have to go to the grocery store.

23-I am out of kitty litter. Pedra is in the house. Again, slippery slope.

24-you live in KC. Way to far to come to dinner with the girls.

25-three of my big pots are dead. Adam must of been too busy curing cancer to water them.

26-My living room looks like the Jonestown massacre right now. 24 babies laying face down, covered in blankets.

27-I need to strip sheets on all beds and remake all beds. Beating.

28-the kids toilet keeps overflowing and I have no idea why.

29-dokey water splashed up on me when I plunged it this morning. Before my coffee.

30-we just spent a shit load on a humongous water slide for the kids to play on. It isn't here yet and is supposed to be.

aunt caroline said...

Add me under Merry Mack. Aside from the obvs, don't have much on my list. I know; I'm so annoying! Love you... and Blake (even more after his list)!

oh... just thought of one. The girl in my DMA class who endlesslyu complained about her teaching job. Kept wanting to ask, oh, how many other districts have you applied in? Oh. None? Then shut up!

aunt caroline said...

Ok, so, I'm not as nice as I thought I was...

1. Hope's summer coat. Everywhere.

2. Cats that barf. Everywhere.

3. Words that my kids use in their writing that should be eliminated FOREVER. Need examples? Actually, honestly, truly (usually mispelled), just, a lot (two words, people), and it goes on and on and on...

4. Sisters that post road kill.

5. Electric bills in the summer.

6. LC and Jack's poor skin. Been there.

7. Having to wash my hair in the sink.

8. Worrying about infection. Checking vitals daily. Hating/loving calls from the doctor. Mixing. My cycler. Being confined. Ok, I'm going down a destructive path. Besides, you've heard it all before. Thank you zoloft!!!!

Monica said...

I'm sad over the oil spill too. We had to cancel our trip next May to Destin because of it. It's too uncertain to try and make plans now for something that may very likely be destroyed by then. I'm sad and SICK over it.

The Rand's said...

~The laundry that never, ever goes away.
~Sweating the second I step outside.
~My kids thinking they need a play date every single day during summer.
~Me not motivated to work out.
~Junk mail. Such a waste!
~The oil spill. So, so sad.
~The hole and shelves in G's closet that need to be repaired after an AC problem. Everything that was in her closet, is now in her room.

Sorry about the roadkill smell in your room. That sucks! Hope you find the source soon!

Shannon said...

Hi Casey-
Lauren told me about your blog. I love it! I have a blog too, but I am not near as witty and funny as you are! Your posts give me a great laugh for the day. And your kids are adorable too, by the way.


The Photographer said...

Wow...we must be on the same teeny bopper skin would be very high on my list... of course the spill, spills in the kitchen, dirt on the floor...the nasty smell in the refrigerator/garage/girls bathroom....need I say more? I feel ya...and btw, that Lowe's commercial was really annoying...nice pick!

merrilee said...

Love your list....and Blake's....and Carrie's....and Coco's--you people are funny!

1. Why did have decent skin in high school and now I look like a pizza with everything--yuck!!

2. One of my sister-in-law's--beyond annoying.

3. Shaving my legs....need some laser hair removal.

4. Washing my husband's blackberry on Father's Day and having to buy a new one! Damn!!

Just Hatched Photography said...

I don't think you have enough server space for my annoying list Casey! And what the heck... are those new homeowners like 15 & 17????

Teacher Man said...

Things that annoy me?

1. Not being able to get one damn teaching interview after contacting 99 principals multiple times.

2. The oil spill.

3. Trying to get my kids asleep while I'm sharing a motel room with them.

4. Politicians

5. My dog shedding everywhere.

6. My messy house.

Moni said...

You had beautiful skin when we were younger!
I like the comment about Blake's daddy drink! Funny...has he started watching soap operas yet? I have a vision of the movie "Mr. Mom" in my head!

That commercial annoys me to death...also annoyed by people in this country that complain about government intervention in corporations, and then complain when one screws up and the government doesn't "do enough."