Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Glad yall enjoyed my little tanning fiasco. On to the scoop.....

Lainey Bug is getting pretty good at board games. And, by getting good, I mean she's a cheater. But, look at that face. Who could be mad?

She's learning to snorkel, too. Jack? "No fank you." He's content playing with his trains on the side of the pool and throwing in people's pool bags. With phones in them. I'm shocked we haven't been kicked out of the pool this year. He goes into some sort of 'roid rage every now and then and starts picking up furniture and throwing stuff in the pool. I don't know about that kid.

One of my favorite parts of summer.......watching our plants thrive.

Jack convinced me to buy him this water/sand toy from the Dollar Spot at Target recently and I'm afraid I'm going to have to fit this bad boy in our luggage somewhere because he's so in love with it. Smart move, Case.

Carter's hair is growing out and he's looking like the shaggy dog I love.

Croquet and bocce ball have become favorites here.

Until Jack picks up the mallet.

Kick ball! Watch out, Laine.

Blake and I have been hanging out sans kids a lot. Having fun. And, look at that tan! He's going to kill me for posting this picture, but I think he looks adorable.

Lainey prefers her $3 Walmart swimsuit over all of the pricey ones I've bought her. Of course! It has a star on it.

Little punks are learning new tricks.

And, Jack won't give up his old man shoes. What 4 year old wants to wear these?!

Our house is quiet tonight because Batman is at the kitty hospital. They're doing some tests to see if he has a UTI. He did not care for the drive there......gobbled like a turkey and cursed me the entire way. Caroline was on the phone with me and laughed and laughed. Ryan, too!

And, speaking of......please say some prayers for Ryan and Caroline's dog, Hope. She has been sick all week and very lethargic. Caroline stayed back in Texas to help take care of her. We're anxiously awaiting her arrival here, but know she's best there until they learn more.

One more thing.......have yall heard of Crazy 8? Holy cuteness. (the website doesn't do it justice) I've seen it come in our store here and there......and thought it must be super pricey. Mini Boden-esque and a lot like Crewcuts.....both favorites of mine. I went to the mall today for the first time in 6 months and saw we had a store. It's fantastic! Owned by Gymboree.......less expensive.......and AWESOME design. Not sweet like Gymboree. It's trendy and hip. I bought a ton for the kids to take to the beach. Precious stuff.

I'm off to read, folks. Half way through Water for Elephants and LOVING it. Anyone read it?


Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Loved Water for Elephants...good one for sure! And your plants look awesome...I just yanked mine out because I couldn't do was either the baby or them and they had to go. :)

starnes family said...

Abbey, I'm so glad you chose the baby!

Jillian Bennett said...

Your plants look way better than mine... I am in charge of watering (keeping alive) our neighbor's large collection of plants while they are on vacation. It is making me very nervous. I am planning to have to replace most of them the night before they come home.
My big girls both have that Walmart swimming suit. They also prefer it over any of the cute new ones I have bought!

Malinda said...

We just bought that same water/sand toy at Target.

I love Crazy 8 and have been shopping online there for a couple of years. They have fantastic after season sales where you can pick up really cute stuff for around $3.99. Their baby shoes were the best. We do not have a store so I have to make due with their online store. They have a flat rate $5 shipping too.

Kim said...

I look forward to your scoop posts. Your family is so awesome. I love Jack's shoes and miss Lainey the cheater, cute pic. I missed the tanning one I will have to back to that. Have a great Thursday!

Dee Stephens said...

pool bags with phones in it?? NOT GOOD!! me would not be happy..!
We used to play croquet as kids ALL THE TIME!! so fun!
Glad you and Blake are getting to hang out sans kids

Melissa said...

I love Jack's shoes, they are too cute and that Lainey wants to wear the bathing suit from Walmart, seems like the things we like best are usually the things we got on sale@! The Crazy8 store truly does have some of the most stylish clothes for kids--at great prices nonetheless!
Loving your plants, that is definitely inspiring me to keep watering ours! Bocce ball/croquet games are our summer time go-to games as well!

Lauren W said...

Loved Water For Elephants as well. Can't wait for the movie. And I LOVE Carter's hair. Keep it growing.

Brittny said...

that's it!!!!!

jack is a grumpy old man.

benjamin button maybe?

SASS said...

I'm dying over roid rage over here. And those old man shoes! He wanted to wear them the other night and I let him wondering why on earth he wanted to wear those. I asked if they were comfortable and he didn't answer me. Probably because No Fank You! didn't work as a response. You should try it.
Sweet Lainey face, Carter's hot hair, and Blake...yep, going to kill you. Maybe you can put that one in YOUR office!

P.s. Your tanning bed fiasco? Rolling. You ol dinosaur, you.

Susan said...

Water for Elephants was the first book I read on our vacation. I actually thought about recommending it to you. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm number 40 on the library list for Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' List. I hope everyone ahead of me are fast readers.

If the shoe FITZ said...

I just learned of Crazy 8...there is a store in Southlake. I wasn't going to stop in b/c I assumed it was crazy expensive being in Southlake...but was super surprised and bought tons o stuff! Mostly for gifts though. I just checked out their website...they only have 8 of now! love it

Merry Mack said...

I have read it and loved it! I read something else by the writer but I liked Water for Elephants better. I just read The Lace Reader and it was very good.

Missy Mack is a cheater at games too. She makes a new game when things aren't going well for her.

I like Cater's hair just don't let it swing in front of his eyes.

Take Jack's water toy with you on vaca, but throwing stuff at the pool isn't cool.

Blake IS cute.

I hope all family pets are well soon!

Sara said...

I just bought that toy for Hudson too. Dying over Jack's shoes. That's hilarious.

It makes me laugh that these little people have such strong opinions at such young ages. Sometimes it annoys me too.

Love the handstand pic of LC and Jacko. And Carters hair is awesome.

Praying for Caroline and Ryan's sweet dog :( I know too well how hard that is.

Blake - GET A JOB. You're too tan.

Coco said...

Your plants look great. Mine are thriving but the heat is making them very sad.

Jack's loafers? Are you kidding me? I have never seen such, but it totally doesn't surprise me that he wears them.

Blake is cute.

merrilee said...

Love the roid rage comment--clever, mama. Blake looks scared in the picture of Jack with a mallot. Carter's hair is greatness....he will fit right in California. Oh--and your potted plants always look fabulous!

donatelli98 said...

Blake looks so young and tan and cute! Can't wait to check out that new store .. not good for my wallet but girls can never have too many clothes right?? Hope Batman and Hope are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Water for Elephants was my favorite book that I read in 2009 - besides The Help! Love it! The movie is being made right now I think.

Yes, I love Crazy 8 too! I also like 77 - it is American Eagle's kids line that is only available online. She is not into her mini-Boden clothing as much anymore & we don't walk in to Gymboree for her any longer either. She loves black & there just isn't much black at Boden & Gymboree! She does love Crew Cuts though and Oh, to be 7 & have such taste. My Jack has his own opinions too - I don't shop with out him! Right now, he can't stand tshirts that touch his 'pena'. He asked me to cut his shirts off. When I refused, he started rolling them. Nice.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I just cringe when my kids get the croquet set out because I just know that some kid is going to get mad and hit another kid with one of those mallets.

Love Jack's shoes. I bet he likes them because he can put them on by himself, but they also look comfy.

Shannon said...

Roid rage freak out. Awesome. Your sense of humor about your kids behavior is something I need to be inspired by because I'm currently in the "omg, they are going to prison" mode that I often find myself in.

The Rand's said...

Jack and his old man shoes cracks me up!
Love Carter's hair shaggy. He's such a cutie!
And LC is as precious as ever!
Your plants do look great. I have no green thumb whatsoever. But oh well.
Glad you and Blake are getting to spend more alone time together.

Kristen said...

Ummmmm... big time prayers for both Batman and Hope. I have a big soft spot in my heart for furry family members.

Love the little punks new tricks... and the fact Jack is water-logging peoples phones makes me laugh...

And for the record... I also think Blake is adorable so he should have no qualms with you posting pics of him!!

Happpy 4th of July weekend Casey!!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I understand his love - I would also be obsessed with that $1 sand/water toy! And Blake does look adorable - that's a fantastic photo.

Anonymous said...

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