Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some Happy Scoop After The Bomb I Dropped On You Yesterday

Thanks for all the kind words. I sincerely mean that it warms my heart to know I have your support.

***If anyone ever wants to discuss yesterday's post with me (or related issues), feel free to email at anytime.

So, onto some good stuff.

Jeff, an old friend of Blake's, was in town on business and came over for dinner. He has 3 girls, so a friendly game of baseball in the front yard was a nice change of pace. We adore him....and his wife......miss them very much!

The Farmers' Market is officially open mid-week, so we stopped by recently.


Mostly Kansas grown veggies and some from our old homes, too......Texas onions and Colorado cucumbers.

Flowers galore. I want them all.

Lainey walked the market with Meow Meow on her head. I don't know. (I feel like I could change the name of this blog to I Don't Know and sum it all up. These kids are weird.)

We met the Bennett girls today for a walk through the Ernie Miller Nature Center. A couple of pictures of the punks pre-visit. Successful, as always.

We walked through the indoor exhibits first. Kind of crazy with 6 kids.

Normal people can sit in a room overlooking this view and see wildlife or birds. Since we can be heard from the parking lot 1/2 mile up the hill, there was no chance for us.

The kiddos.

Jack, Ainsley, Brynn (love her hair), baby Brooke, Carter and Lainey.

Coco, looks a bit different from the stark October walk we took, huh? Love the lush trees.

We'll be back to hike up this part of the trails soon enough.

Brooke on the go!

Hey, look, there's Jillian! I told myself I'd have Carter take a picture of us together today and I flaked. Again! Soon, promise. We love "Miss Jiyyian".

I tried to take a pic of my 3 upon leaving and they were over it. Obviously.

Lots of work ahead for me during the end of the week and a fun night planned at Jazz in the Woods. Our first summer concert! One of my favorite things about Kansas. Can't wait!


Dee Stephens said...

love Lainey's monograms and the pic of Carter holding the baby!!

Kristen said...

Farmer's Markets = heaven. So... I'm a dork (sure you know this already) and I like to daydream about random, unimportant things... one of my favorite things to daydream about it is heaven. And I like to believe that we each have our own heaven... at least in the sense that I think heaven should be made up of all of the things that made us happiest while we were here. Weird, right? But I think about this. Long way to say... I know for sure that in my heaven, there will be an eternal farmer's market :)
Love the pics of the pre nature-hike punks. And Meow Meow chillin' on Laine's head... too sweet. Love her and love that travelin' Meow Meow!

Jodee said...

I love your Farmer's Market pictures. Kamree and I are headed there this Saturday morning. I can't wait!

Your punks and my punks would get along great for pictures!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Once again, these pictures make me smile! LOVE those fruits, veggies and flowers! And as for the kids, well, I just love them!! Please keep them coming!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love Farmer's Market here also. The fresh produce just tastes so much better!

donatelli98 said...

Looks like a fun day even if you couldn't get a good pic of your three!

Coco said...

Your farmer's market looks wonderful. Brynn's hair looks just like Tess', love that look on a little girl that has straight hair.

Sara said...

So jealous of that Farmer's Market. Ours doesn't even compare to that!
The picture of Baby Brooke walking down the path is precious. Love it!

And of course all the pics of the punks are awesome. As usual. The pic of ALL the kiddos cracks me up. Jack and Lainey couldn't be farther from the other kids....and on separate ends at that. Hilarious.

merrilee said...

Oh, love Tish...always fun to see friends. The farmer's market looks amazing....I am now ready for some fresh berries. The children are so precious....Carter always smiling and helping out with the little ones....Jack and Lainey looking adorable, even with their tongues out.

Lauren W said...

I did a double take when you said the Bennett girls. I was like, "Really? We were there?"

let me know next time you head down to the Farmers market. I just may join you. :-)

FROGGITY! said...

your farmer's market looks fabulous! it's so extensive! i am thinking about getting LL's hair cut just like that little one's this week... you may have just sealed the deal! :)

Jillian Bennett said...

I always forget that when I see you there is potential to be "made famous" on your blog!!! Next time I will brush my hair and maybe wear some make-up!
And I must say that Brynn's haircut was one of my better choices as a mom. It works really well for her fine, straight, kind of stringy (just like mommy's) hair. It did not turn out like a mullet like my husband feared... and it is still long enough in the front to either pull back with a clip or piggy-tails.

aunt caroline said...

When did Carter get SO big?!?!

Jillian Bennett said...

And I do love that picture of Brooke... so independent!
And Brynn on the bridge looking down... so scared!

Shannon said...

Picture on the bridge where Carter looks big enough to eat the little ones and Lainey is posing? Awesome.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

That is so fun! All your kids are cute and Jillian's. Was that the farmers market downtown or in OP?

J said...

Man, that Farmers market makes me want to eat a vegetable. Great pics!

starnes family said...

Lauren, will do!

Jillian, you looked fabulous, as always.

Abbey, it's the downtown Overland Park market. Wednesdays and Saturdays.

OK, I just commented back to 3 KC girls. I am feeling kind of like a local after 13 months here! :)

Momma to the A's said...

The one BIG thing that I miss about California is the Farmers Market and all the fresh produce!! Everything we get here is from the US and has been frozen for who knows how long! I was so excited for the Farmers Market every week! A little jealous here...

Such a beautiful place to take a stroll. It looks like it could be relaxing from the pics, but I can imagine what it is like with little ones:)!

Such a sweet family ... even if you think they are a little weird!

Merry Mack said...

I heart the farmers market.

koralee said...

What a lovely lovely day! I am in love with our farmers market lately...I try to go every Sat. and pick up some fresh flowers. xoxoxo Your children are adorable.

Teacher Man said...

Love the picture of your three that is under the picture of Lainey with Meow Meow on her head. The looks on Lainey and Jack's faces are just too cute.