Saturday, June 05, 2010

Visit With Uncle Rick

Sorry I've been semi-absent this week. We've had a lot going on! Interviews for both Blake and Uncle Rick in town.......and I've been working as much as possible.'s some pics from our visit......more later.

Day 1: Our first Kansas City Royals game!

With the "KC Crew" girls. Blake and Jack were too shy. Sweet boys.

There's Carter and Rick in the "of" in Hall of Fame. Awesome museum. Wish we had more time to visit.

The stadium was reconstructed last year to catch up with the standard these days......which includes more for kids and some additional luxuries. KC certainly did well. Just as good....and better in some ways......then the Rangers, Angels and the Rockies......those we're familiar with.

Carter's refreshments.

And, Blake's!

Baseball game tip: buy peanuts, candy, glow necklaces, water, etc.......from Target or Walmart to avoid the high cost of these items at the stadium. You'll save a bundle.

Love Laine's look here.

The Little K ball field. Carter picked up a game here. No surprise there.

Playground for the kids.

Everyone brought a glove! There's Jack's on the ground. Not sure where he is.

Little punks like fireworks.

And, Carter likes talking baseball with the big boys.

The fam.

Loved the stadium. Loved the game. We lasted 9 innings! That's a Starnes family record.

Day 2: Union Station. Our favorite, the Harvey House Diner, closed down. Coco, Pa, Caroline, guys can mourn that with us. I know each of you loved it!

So, we settled on a very nice steakhouse instead....Pierponts. Wasn't my first choice given our company. Rick is well behaved. Carter, Jack and Lainey? With no help from Blake? That's a gamble. Luckily, they did well. Had a fabulous meal in a gorgeous setting and then we were off to see the sights.

Lainey prefers to look cute than look at dumb trains.

Thought this one turned out pretty cool.....

Science City next.

Rick and the boys hunted for fossils.

And, then to the KC Rail Experience.

This is a pretty accurate shot of what we see here. Jack and Lainey casually taking in parts of the museum. A flash of Jack as he runs hysterically from one thing to the next. The blur of blue is him.

Rick is a history nerd like me, so we found where the bullet holes still remain in the marble from the 1933 mob massacre.

Found one!

Day 3: The Kansas City Zoo. We took the tram out to Africa and spotted lots of wild critters, including this bull frog in the swamp.

Rhinos.......nope, Lainey didn't fall in here!


Tired from dancing.

Nothing like a bar at the zoo. They serve beer and mixed drinks. See? KC knows how to do things right.

While waiting for our lake tour, we spotted the paddle boats. We'll be back to try those out, too.

Beautiful! Love this zoo.


We found our favorite picnic spot from the lake tour.....this little hut where you can see giraffes, zebras, ostriches, etc.......all in their natural settings.

On the boat.......loved it! And, Rick treated us to the ride.

"Miracle Bridge".......named this because it's a miracle each time the large boat successfully makes it under and through.

Just enough time for a train ride.

I'll let you guess who loved it the most.

Had a super visit with Rick. He came to see us in Denver. Now, KC. Wonder where we'll be next? Stay tuned!


The Luis Family said...

Love that you are so adventurous! I like to think I am the same way ... willing to pack up and take the kids anywhere on my own. Our company starts to come in 2 weeks and it will be non-stop until the end of July. Lots and lots of sight seeing in Calgary and just beyond ... I am really excited to let family and friends see where we live.

Glad you had a great time with your uncle.

Prayers for your interviews and a job for Blake!

Leiah said...

I'm cracking up at Miss Lainey with her upside down sunglasses but still smiling like the diva she is...too precious!

The Lenzers said...

9 innings, that's impressive!! i still can't believe how much jack has changed, maybe it's just the shorter haircut? or has he really "grown up"? praying for the jobs!!!

Allyson and Dave said...

Wow! I don't even last 9 innings at a baseball game. I am impressed.

starnes family said...

Thanks, guys, for the prayers.

Jann.....Jack's hair is growing out again. It's just him getting big. :(

timmonstimes said...

Such a fun weekend!!! I love the KC zoo (never been but it looks awesome)! And Lainey's dress she wore to the zoo is absolutely presh! Where'd you get it? Adorable - all of them! :)

Coco said...

A bar at a zoo? That is just awesome.

Carrie Darney said...

Jack does look so much older! Good luck on your interviews!
Love LC's glasses and that look in the picture with you!
Love Blake...always have.
Love your dress!
9 innings is VERY impressive! And your kiddos aren't scared at all of Fireworks?

starnes family said...

Mel - the dress from the zoo is a hand-me-down from Froggity. Not sure if you know her.......she has a blog and comments here a bit.

Carrie - they love the fireworks!

Shannon said...

I see that other people thought the same thing as me: Jack is officially a big boy now. He looks so different. How did that happen so fast?

Bar at the zoo is the only way I'd go. Glad to know this tidbit about the KC zoo.

Yellow Beads said...

HOW FUN! Looks like a grand times--great memories. AND ON ANOTHER NOTE, you won my Tyson chicken giveaway. Please send me your mailing address!

Kristen said...

I love Carter's super giant smile in the pics with the KC Girls. Watch out ladies :)

One of my bucket list items is to see a baseball game at every major league stadium... KC looks amazing! I haven't been there yet... perhaps I should pop down and catch a game with the Starnes crew! And 9 innings?!?!! WOW! Well done punks!

If the shoe FITZ said...

like everyone sai..I thought Jack looks different...his hair looks much browner??

love the pic of LC with her glass upside down.

Jodee said...

It looks like you had a great time with Uncle Rick! We went to a Royals game last year and it was a blast! The stadium is fabulous but very expensive!

Good luck with the job interviews! Of course, I am secretly hoping you stay around the Midwest so hopefully we can meet some day!

SASS said...

Is Carter cheating on me? Why is Lainey so damn beautiful? Will Jack ever get sick of trains? So many questions. I miss you guys. My stomach hurts. You're giving KC so many compliments...and giving it so much credit....I know you're leaving it soon. Breaks my heart.
So glad yall had a nice visit with the mysterious Uncle Rick. And, love your Royal's dress!

SASS said...


Merry Mack said...

You guys are always the best hosts! Every time (why isn't that one word everytime) someone comes to visit, you guys do the fun-est stuff. I don't think I could last that long at a baseball game. It's just not my thing, but a great thing for the bucket list if you are into it to go to each stadium. All this looks like a lot of fun. I hate it when a favorite spot closes down.

I can't wait to hear where you guys are off to next....