Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Book Club Inaugural Final Review

Did anyone like it?



OK, so I get an epic FAIL for my first choice according to most of what I'm hearing. If you started or read the entire book......either way.......answer the following questions in the Comments Section. Then, give a recommendation for our next one!

1. Which country did you enjoy most? Italy, India or Indonesia?

2. Did you perceive her journey as self-enlightening or just plain selfish?

3. Would you be willing - given your current state of life, whatever it may be - to do what she did?

4. Where else would you recommend she travel to?

5. Will you see the movie, regardless of the book?

OK, have at it! Good or bad......this is what a book club is for.

And, don't forget to include your recommendation.


starnes family said...

I'll start!

1. Italy, hands down. Fun....not as serious as the others.

2. Self-enlightening. I don't agree with her viewpoint on many parts of life, but I think she achieved what she set out to do.....discover who she is after being in relationship after relationship. Time alone = good. Serial daters often get lost in the mix of what they actually WANT out of life.

3. Couldn't leave my kids for a year. Otherwise, YES.

4. Somewhere in South America where the conditions were more rural than what she saw. She seemed quite comfortable. I think less luxuries can always help give a person good perspective.

5. Yes!

Obviously, I'm not choosing the next one. :)

Unknown said...

I didn't finish. I'm still on Italy. But, I don't hate the book. I just fall asleep at night and if I read the book it's at the beach and it's been raining, jeese, geese.

My recommendation for the next book? How about Laura Bush's newest biography or autobiography? I love her!! She's my hero. I could read that fast.

Oh, and I don't think you failed. At least you initiated a book club. For that, I am stoked.

Unknown said...

Oops, didn't answer the questions...I'll just answer a couple:

3. I would NOT be willing to do what she did. I feel like I've moved SO much with the military that I just want to be in one place. Plus, I have Lucy (my Corgi) to think about now.

4. I would recommend she travel to Australia. The people are SO nice and the men are attractive...

5. I will see the movie on Netflix. I still have to see Sex and the City in theaters.

Momma to the A's said...

1. Italy was definitely the best. The others didn't keep my attention as well.

2. Self-enlightening. This was something she thought she needed to do for herself. Sometimes we do need to do those things for ourselves to be in a better place. The things need to do don't include traveling to far off places though. It worked for her ... so it was a good thing for her.

3. I couldn't leave my family for that long. I do love to travel and see places. I travel for different experiences than she was after.

4. That is hard to say. She felt she needed to travel to these certain places for self therapy. For that reason, I think it is totally up to the person.

5. I will definitely see the movie. I would have even if I didn't finish the book. I love anything with Julia Roberts!

I am not really good at suggesting books! I am up for whatever it shall be though! Thanks for starting this up! Way to go Casey!

Susan said...

I haven't finished it this time around, but from what I've read and what I remember...

1. Italy
2. Self-enlightening; if was at the perfect point in her life to not be selfish.
3. No; while I would love to travel I just couldn't take off for that long.
4. Africa
5. Yes - but it may be on DVD.

Many of us have already read The Help, but it could possibly provide a good discussion.

Merry Mack said...

This is my second attempt at this book and I am so proud I finished it this time!
1. I liked Indonesia best. I read it the fastest. I am thinking because it involved more people. There was plot and other people to be interested in. I found Italy to be too whiny. I get it, she got divorced. I wanted to hear more about the food. I didn't hate India. It was interesting to learn about that kind of thing.
2. Self-enlightening. I agree that this was the perfect time in her life to go on this journey. I did something similar without travel in my early 20s. It is a good thing to discover who you are in a transition moment. I think it should be required for divorced persons.
3. I couldn't leave my family at this point for that long, but I wished I would have traveled more before I married. I would like to go on a condensed version of this journey. I found the idea of going to an island to sit in silence for 10 days intriguing.
4. I am not sure where to go. I like other people's suggestions. Africa maybe? Maybe that is too overdone.
5. I can't wait for the movie. I love Julia.

I am with Susan, I want to read The Help. It has been on my list and I am about to race out and get it because about 20 people say it is a must and 20 people can't be wrong.

Merry Mack said...

I also have to say regarding #1, I found the Balinese fascinating.

timmonstimes said...

I gotta be honest...got the book, haven't opened it! I thought this would encourage me. I definitely want to see the movie so I must read it first!!! I'm excited to read the reviews before though :)

SASS said...

Yep, epic fail for sure. Don't listen to the nice people.
Kidding- it wasn't a horrible read. Although I almost always finish reading what I start, even if it isn't wonderful.

1. Italy. I agree with you, the others were too serious.
2. Eh. I can't say she wasn't selfish. Well, she didn't disclose why she really got divorced. In terms of timing, it wasn't selfish. But I think she could have gone somewhere else and been less.....self-indulgent and still feel enlightened and reborn.
3. I would, but I can't! I have too much to miss. Too much to love. Too much to explore here.
4. I agree with you- somewhere she could MISS some things. That may have changed her journey. And allowed her to help others, even though her year was about her.
5. Probably. Curious to see if it will be better than the book!

I want to read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.
Good effort, Case! I enjoyed reading something I knew others were reading, too. That's part of the fun of book clubs!

Emily Devor said...

I did not participate in your book club, however, I have been following your posts and comments regarding the journey. I have, however, read this book and thought I would put in my two cents.

1. I remember enjoying India the most. I felt this is where she just thought of herself and finding her spiritual journey come together.

2. I found her to self-enlightening. She took time for herself, which woman so often don't do.

3. Maybe not to the extent she did, however, I would be willing to try. A whole year would be impossible-but maybe a month.

4. Where she lived. Sometimes when we are running around to "find ourselves" it it right where you started.

5. For sure I will see the movie. It is on the top of go see by myself list. Julia Roberts can make anything amazing.

Recommendation: That is a tough one. Lately, I have only been catching up on some professional books. BORING!!

Shannon said...

People claiming it's a fail and then a recommendation for Laura Bush's biography? This is NOT a good club for me. :)

I loved this book. Read it in 2 days. Obsessed. Can't wait for the movie, although the appearance on Oprah was annoying. Super annoying. Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk is one of my faves though.

1.) Indonesia. I just found it an interesting place to read about plus she had finally arrived at some peace w/in herself.

2.) Self-enlightening. She's an author who got an advance and was able to travel to do her self-enlightening this way. We could all do it a different way that works for us.

3.) I will do this once Blake graduates high school. I'll only be 45. Why not? It won't be to escape anything but to explore.

4.) Africa.

5.) Hell, yes.

I can't recommend a book that anybody will like because it will be business-related or personal development related. Freakonomics, anybody?

Shannon said...

I might take my comment on Laura Bush's biography back because I remember now that she is very open and honest in it which I do appreciate. I'm typically attracted to introspective types and don't usually think of the Bush family that way but I think this book might be different.

starnes family said...

Thanks, Shannon. Good save. We must be open minded, love!

I will add that I think it's not entirely fair to call her "selfish" because she set out to do exactly what she intended on - get to know herself.

While this may seem selfish to some, she was without child, got the money to do so, etc.......so more power to her! I did think some of her ways of thinking were overly analytical.......but she wrote what she thought and what she learned. That was the intention of the journey, from what I understand.

That being said......anyone know why she got divorced? There must be something written somewhere about it.

Sara said...

Definitely not a failure on your part, Casey. This is a great book. A little hard to get through at times, but I loved that it made me really think. Here goes:

1. Italy. I'm Italian...what can I say?

2. Self enlightening for the most part. I've had 3 of my very best friends go through divorces and every single one of them has gone through a stage like this afterwards. Not quite to this extreme, but definitely a need to discover ones inner self and grow. I would love to have seen her go somewhere a little more primitive though.

3. No way I could leave my family for that long. Before marriage and kids? Definitely!

4. El Salvador.

5. For sure! Can't wait for the movie. Doesn't hurt that Miss Julia is the star.

Next book - I loved The Help. And I think there's A LOT to discuss with that book. I still think about it even after reading it 4 months ago.

Shannon said...

She didn't want kids or the suburban housewife lifestyle, she financially supported him (and still sends him alimony checks) and she alluded to the fact that she had an affair.

Her ex-husband's book comes out this fall.

The Soladay Family said...

Not a fail, Casey. Due to our ever time consuming move, I am still stuck in India but plan on finishing the book on the plane to Cali.

1. Italy has definitely been my favorite for several reasons. Possibly because I could relate to her need to "feel" again after divorce, discover what made her happy and the need for intimacy again.

2. Self-enlightening for sure. As you said, there were lots of her personal views I didn't see eye-to-eye on, but we only get 1 life and taking care of yourself has to a priority so that we can be happy with others. Make sense? Like the old saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Seems like we women have been taught somewhere along the way to put our needs way down on the list....which ironically leads to many divorces. Took me many years to realize my desires and dreams were just as important as anyone elses, and once I owned that, I met someone who belived it as well. Ironic.

3. Couldn't leave my kids/husband that long. No way. No how.

4. Not sure how to answer this one because I think only that person knows what place "does it" for him/her. You know?

5. Absolutely....after I finish the book. =)

6. Next book.....so many good ones to choose one, but I am curious about The Help now. =)

starnes family said...

Shannon, I knew you would know!!!!!

Brittny said...

1. i only got through Itally. I hated India so much I quit reading.

2. Both, but she needed it.

3. I WISH I had the guts to do what she did. I wouldn't be searching for the "spiritual" stuff she was so desperately searching for, but wish I had the guts to do it before I got married. Only b/c I had nothing holding me back and now I'd never be able to leave my family to do that.

4. Not sure where I suggest going. I have only been to Canada (wasn't the pretty part either), Mexico, Jamaica, Venezeula and Bahamas. I'm dying to go see the other side of the world.

5. At first I couldn't focus on the book b/c I was dying to see the movie so much. Now I'm not sure I will. Probably wait until it's out on Netflix b/c I never get to go to the movies. If it didn't have Julia Roberts starring in it I would care less.

No clue what to suggest. That's why I'm in this club!

caroline said...

Well, you know I didn't read this bc my mind was elsewhere. As you know, just finished Apologize! Apologize! Highly recommended. I'm now on Revolutionary Road. I refuse to watch the DVD until I finish it. I love it. It reminds me so much of my Master's studies when I went through my second phase of reading Plath and Sexton.

I think I'll eventually read EPL. I saw the long preview and was into it. I love any book which lets me travel in my mind. One of my fav professors of all time asked the class if it's necessary to travel the world. Is reading about it just as good, or can it be better?

Obviously, that question stuck with me and I think of it often.

Carrie Darney said...

Books blow...

Dee Stephens said...

I didn't read the book but have to comment on Kelly's comment. Love that Laura Bush is her hero.. truly awesomeness!

Moni said...

Couldn't finish it when I started it a while back. After reading an article about the fact that she received an advance to go on this adventure and then write about it left a bad taste in my mouth. But with any book, people can take what they want from it. Kuddos for getting people reading!!!!

Not sure if I'll read the Laura Bush biography. As a former die hard Republican, I learned quite a bit about her while writing my honor's thesis on Bush during the Texas gubernatorial race in college. One thing I learned about her...she is the smarter half of that couple by far!

The Lenzers said...

i am still reading, but it is ok, just ok!
-italy is the best so far
-i think it is self inlightening, to each his own
-i would go in a different time (not w/ a family but back in the day for sure)
-i am not sure where i would recommend her travel
-probably wont see the movie till it hits TBS or something

i am open for any book

Anonymous said...

I limped through this book..I hate when I feel that way.

1. Indonesia: That part just held my attention a little longer.

2. Self enlightenment for sure!

3. If it weren't for these little people that live in my house, I would for sure do it. Oh, but I'd have to take my husband. Basically, pre-this-life-I've-chosen!

4. Africa!

5. I'll wait til the movie hits Netflix so I can fold laundry while watching it.

I love The Help - so many stories to think about after you put it down. I feel the same way about Little Bee and Say You're One of Them (might be a little heavy for some).

Carrie - you crack me up!

Hattie said...

So happy I didn't buy this book yesterday. I watched Julia on Oprah and wanted to go buy the book. Thank y'all! Now I'm thinking about getting the Host!

The Rand's said...

I didn't read it. No surprise there, though. I have a love affair with magazines. I wish I would pick up a book!

Kelly Beatty said...

Wow, I just got off of work and haven't looked at your page. Is it really weird I like Laura Bush? Weird.

Shannon, we could read The Fair Tax instead :).

Shannon said...

Kelly, it's a deal! That's the kind of book I would read for fun anyway.

donatelli98 said...

I had intentions of buying it and reading it but just didn't get there!