Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lots to catch up on. And, no mentions of dead animals in this post. So, sit back and relax.

We met up with an old friend of mine from Plano last week. Spent the morning at Deanna Rose and then Carter went back with the boys to Lawrence for the evening.

Kiddos fished for a while. Everything about this farmstead is picture perfect. We love it.

Jordan caught a fish in no time at all!

Our 3 punks fishing like pros.

Baby girl.....not scared of some stinky fish!

Tractor bikes......Jack's favorite. Lainey's almost big enough to reach the peddles and go on her own.

Fast forward to Father's Day. Homemade cards......a few small gifts.....and lots of excitement from the kids.

We made our annual dough hand prints. We have quite the collection now!

Steak is an oddity in this house since we normally live on such a budget.......and even more so with our recent unemployment status. But, we splurged.

I love scruffy, shaggy haired Blake.

A few days later, Sass came to babysit. Happy punks.

Love this girl.

We chatted for a bit, let Sass give us some suggestions of where to go and then we were off! I love a quiet car. Can you hear that? Nothing! Nothing but our bootleg Widespread CD. Heavenly.

We saw a hamburger car. No idea.

We drank Mojitos at One80 and enjoyed some tacos. All of this was in Westport.....a funky little district in KC.

We walked around and Blake made me laugh. He was certainly "on" this evening......as he says it.......so funny. I haven't laughed as hard as I did that night in forever.

For Ryan! For Ryan!

Blake huffed and puffed while I stopped at all the historical markers. He does not share my love for history.

He also gets annoyed when I read all of the articles on walls of places we go. I like the stories, folks.

We sat rooftop until the sun went down. Then, we sat some more. Fun.

Upon further investigation, I learned that the hoopla with this place was that it's the oldest existing building in Kansas City. Score! Blake wasn't so impressed.

You can see a little bit of his lack-of-excitement here on our way out. Interesting.

Finally, a peak into the game of charades at our house. Good times.

We're gearing up for a Caroline visit next week.....which will include lots of KC excitement. A World War I Museum visit........a tour of the Kansas City Star newspaper press room......a day trip to Weston......a day trip to Baldwin City for the trains and to see the wagon grooves in the land from the Westward Expansion.......lots of mod podge activities.......a spa party for Lainey (first time to have her fingernails/toenails painted)......TMZ.......dorking around the house making fun of our kids.......oh, and the 4th of July! It's about to get good, peeps. Stick around.


donatelli98 said...

Glad you got out for a date night - fun times! I can't believe how long Lainey's hair is getting! So precious!

Dee Stephens said...

Blake and Brad 2-peas in a pod! Brad likes history though :)

Carrie Darney said...

I love your date night. Ryan and I have not been on a date together since Hagen has been born...except a wedding here and there. It is so important and I'm not sure why we don't! Baby sitter is the number one...I'm not THERE yet...stranger in the house and all.

It is such a shame that LC isn't cuter...poor little thing...she is never going to get a date. so sad.

Unknown said...

WOW-thanks for the catch up! You've been busy!

Adorable pictures, adorable kids. Even more adorable being babysat. LOL

Jodee said...

I always enjoy your "scoop" posts!

It looks like you had a blast on your date night! Blake is such a hoot! Your pictures make me want to go back to Westport soon. I haven't been there in years!

The Soladay Family said...

Awesome post. Love ALL the pics of the kids!
You and Blake are so great together. A man that can make you laugh...not laugh AT you...is the best!

Becca Jane said...

The pigtails with the bandana is TO DIE FOR!!! I love it so so much!

Sara said...

I like LC's way of playing charades! That's my type of game.

A date night and Sass at home with the kiddos - what could be better??? Sounds like a great evening for y'all and the darling punks.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

When I was single and lived in KC, I loved to go to Westport. Makes me wish we could come and visit KC soon.

Coco said...

How fun that y'all had a night alone.

And you should of said, you havent laughed as hard since I was there.

The Lenzers said...

seriously can LC be any cuter? And they (the hubbs) never get all the excitement! Glad yall had fun

Shannon said...

Sorry to break it to you but not only is Jack a big kid now but Laine isn't so babyish anymore. When did she get so tall and thin?

SO HAPPY YOU WENT ON A DATE. This is so important and I know how hard it is to live somewhere away from family and fit it in.

The Rand's said...

Great scoop! Love all the pics of your punks. So adorable. All of them.
Glad you guys got to get out sans kids!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I'm so bummed - I've never seen a hamburger car.

You're so very lucky.

SASS said...

One of my favorite moments of the night:
Case: You doing okay? Tacos were yum!
(I then waited, giggling, hoping you would freak out)
Only to be disappointed by this text back:
Case: Which one is being most annoying?

I was bummed. I thought I'd get the response, "Shit, sorry Sass, we're coming home right away!!!" and then I'd be all, "JUST KIDDING! Haha." But no, you weren't phased. Awesome.
Love you and your punks. Crushes, smoky manly laughs, Meow Meow, late-night laughs and all.

Kim said...

Loved the scoop as usual! I really want to visit that farm, it looks so fun! Great for us outdoorsy types ;)!

Looks like a great date night too! Blake reminds me a lot of Ben, always making me laugh, its the best.

starnes family said...

I knew you wanted me to flip out, Sass. Knew it!

Also knew you could handle them.....regardless of who was most annoying.

timmonstimes said...

Date nights are fun:) And the video of the kids on Sass's blog is hilarious. I was for real laughing out loud:)

Anonymous said...

i hope i grow up to be a mom like you. so organized and always with activities for the kids. i'm being totally serious--you could keep a kid entertained for days.