Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Question Of The Week

Besides people who actually use the word, "pet peeve" (including me, obviously), I have a few annoyances.

*smacking while eating
*picking food out of your teeth after a meal with your tongue (I'm talking to you, Blake)
*overall, any less-than-decent table manners

I'm not demanding Emily post standards. Just cover the basics. Make the meal enjoyable for others. We try very hard not to annoy others when we take the kids out to eat. I certainly don't want to ruin someone else's meal with the punks' less than stellar behavior.

I also clean 95% of the food they drop on the floor prior to leaving. When they were babies, this was a bigger deal.....not so much anymore. But, as a former-waiter, it would infuriate me to see a family leave and there be the equivalent of 2 plates of food scattered around the floor.

***What is on your list? What annoys you?


Michelle Hughes said...

oh, I have a few... this is the one that is on my mind
Miserably mean people that try to bring others down...
Oh, we try to clean up after our monster too... we tip according to the size of the path of destruction or how many times he has grabbed the server, trust me... BIG tips :)

Coco said...

Bad drivers.
People who stop in the middle of a walk way, like they don't realize there are people behind them.
People in general bug the shit out of me.
People are dumb.
Like Michelle said, we tip big after we leave and I try to stack everything for an easier clean up.

donatelli98 said...

We clean up when we go out too and I agree it annoys me to no end how people can leave it all there ... other ones I have

Smacking (chewing with mouth open)at the dinner table
Kids answering yeah - hence the reeason we have our kids say Yes Ma'am, etc.
People clipping their nails - especially at work
Bad Drivers
Stupid people in general
Lazy people who think they are entitled to everything
I could go on and on and on ...

Carrie Darney said...

I'm with Coco...people ARE dumb. I am one of those but only on occasion.

Drivers. I have a big problem with most drivers out there:
1. kids not being properly strapped in
2. Lost drivers cutting everyone off on the road
3. people in the fast lane going slow
4. People that put their blinker on just a bit ahead of you and in the next lane and go the same speed you are and expect you to slow down to let them over

I have a bit of road rage...I will admit. It has gotten better since hagen joined the fam, but still not good.

We also clean up for the most part when we go out. Hagen MUST stay in his chair until we leave....it doesn't matter how long...it is the rule. Also he has to stay in the shopping cart...no exceptions.

Mama Sue said...

I am menopausal so EVERYTHING annoys me. Ask me again in a week after the hormones kick in!
I do hate talking while chewing and people clipping their nails in church. Oh yes and people telling me I need to remove my beauty mark...right Coco?

Heather said...

I can't stand any mouth noises... chewing, slurping, smacking, swallowing, basically any noise the mouth - makes me come unglued. My family can't even eat - it's out of control. And Lord help us if someone behind us in church is sucking on a peppermint. I can't take it. I will walk out of church.

Allyson and Dave said...

My big one right now is text typing...like the teenagers do nowadays. They are too lazy to write an entire word so they shorten everything. I even get emails from people looking for work with this text typing. I am sorry but you cannot spell out an entire word then I am not going to hire you.

I am also annoyed with people who think everything should just be handed to them. And if they dont get what they want they take it from someone else. I work hard to maintain my life style and so should everyone else.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

People who ask for a to-go box after eating at the all-you-can-eat buffet at a restaurant.

All I can say is "WHY?".

Susan said...

Clipping toenails in church!? I once knew someone who would clip her toenails in class and I thought that was bad enough, but church!

I hate it when people misspell separate. Such a teacher thing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Smacking gum & food drives me crazy!

I can't stand drivers that are going less than the speed limit! Get the hell out of my way!

There exists vowels and consonants for a reason! Making words shorter for a text is fine but when people email or post like that, it is just annoying.

My biggest pet peeve at the moment is parents that allow their kids to have electronic devices at the dinner table! The other night a family had their two kids at the table behind us playing there DSs and with no headphones at that!!! I thought my husband was going to come unglued. My daughter pointed out how rude the kids were.

I have a really hard time with mean people too - especially those that purposefully exclude others to hurt them. I can't stand seeing the hurt that exclusion causes in a child or adult.

Sara said...

I've mentioned before that I have road rage, so obviously bad drivers are tops on my list. TIP TOP!!!

Telemarketers that call during dinner.

Rude sales people. I hate when people working retail forget that I'M the customer.

People that are rude to waiters.

Messy husbands.

People that don't do what they say they're going to do.

I'm pretty much annoyed by all of the general public.

Monica said...

People in general annoy me. I can't believe some of the things people do. I have too many "pet peeves" to even mention. I'm getting all worked up just THINKING about it! HAHA!

Sara said...

Let me add one more to my list and it's a huge one.


The Lenzers said...

the list could go on and on
but being the perfect driver that i am, i hate people who dont use a blinker
i also hate smacking food or gum

Moni said...

I'm with Coco...not a fan of people in general. Biggest pet peeves are chewing gum in public and kid's sports stickers on the back of the car (unless your kid plays in the NFL/NBA/MLB/etc., I don't give a damn that they play little league football, soccer, baseball, tennis, cricket...whatever. They ARE a good way for a child predator to learn your child's name, so I guess they do come in handy for some people). That's about it...oh, and plastic flowers in the front yard. Can we say WT?

Allyson and Dave said...

I have another one...people who smoke. It is so gross and beyond rude. And at what point did it become okay for you to give me lung cancer??? You being the smoker...not really you. I think it is the most incosiderate thing that someone can do out in public.

Malinda said...

We always clean up after Cason too. We get a napkin and pick up any food he may have dropped. I think anyone who has worked in food service probably does this. Maybe it should be mandatory for everyone to work in food service at some time so that people have more respect for waiters and such.

It annoys me when people spell a lot like alot. I had a teacher in 9th grade tell us that if we ever did that it was an automatic 0. I have never forgotten that lesson.

It annoys me when people are getting on the highway and do not speed up or slow down to adjust to traffic in order to merge.

SASS said...

-When people don't pick up their dog's poop at the park. Especially when it's a HUGE turd.
-When someone's on the job and they're chatting/flirting with coworkers in front of customers. Or just bad customer service, especially when I've paid an arm and a leg for something.
-When people type LOL (sorry, Dee).
-Frequent way-too-personal status updates on Facebook.
-Catty, immature mothers of children under the age of 18. GROW UP! Be an example!
-Bad breath. No excuse for that one.

Nice QOTW, Case!!

Mama Sue said...

Clarification...when I said clipping nails in church, I meant finger nails. Sorry if anyone got grossed out!