Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Preview

The husband is dragging me down to dinner with the co-workers (H&R Block Incentive Trip) this will be brief.

We drove into San Juan today and I simply can't print enough good things about this city. I could have spent days wandering the streets taking pictures.

Here is where we wandered in to eat lunch and ended up staying an hour plus. Lovely restaurant. We tried the Mofango.....this local dish everyone raves about...fried plantains with additions....we chose shrimp.....OK at best. Ambience and restaurant style = A+.

Lovely San Juan.....reminds me of New Orleans....more on that later.

At the El Yunque Rainforest.

This picture is hard to explain.....240 species of trees all in one place......absolutely breathtaking.

Back at the hotel.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I had no idea Puerto Rico was that beautiful! I am so jealous! And what a fabulous room!!!!!!!!!

Angel said...

Love El Yunque! The absence of poisonous things makes it pretty much the only rainforest this girl likes. Beautiful pics. So glad you love it.

Anonymous said...


Shannon said...

Sorry, just realized that "Angel" name was actually me. Payton was logged in as herself and I didn't realize it.

starnes family said...

I saw that and clicked on her blog (Blogging Guru, Shannon's daughter) to clarify.

Loved it!

And, her blog is a lot of fun for those of you looking for entertainment.