Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Out With Daddy

Most of Blake's visit included time at home, snuggling with the kids, naps and movies. However, we did get out one day to enjoy the sun and see the trains. The Colorado Railroad Museum is an old favorite of ours.

Downstairs houses an enormous model train set up.

Lots to "read" for Jack.

Another model train set up......this one, outside....and it's amazing.

Here are a few of the guys who run the trains. Fast forward 60 years and Jack will be there.

Our beloved Thomas.

Caroline sent the kids Valentine gear.....each of them wearing it today. Except, you can't see Carter's.....boxers! Our biggest boy is growing up. They don't make Valentine shirts in his size. I'm not sure if Caroline or I was more upset about this realization.

So much to climb on.

Lovely views surround us, as the museum is located in Golden, Colorado.

Carter rings the old-fashioned bell as Lainey watches, fascinated.

Lots of authentic trains on site.

Walking around a passenger car.

So sweet when they're all walking together. Lainey decides to turn around....and eventually let go.....

So, the boys go after her.


Anonymous said...

I was more upset, and the lady at Gap looked at me like I was crazy for asking for an 8 year old boy Valentine shirt.

Coco said...

Love what Caroline sent the kids. Cute! Looks like a great trip with Blake.

The Soladay Family said...

Carter's looks sure are changing! He's going to be quite a catch! Watch out, Mom!

Anonymous said...

so fun! Glad you got to have Blake home for a couple days. Soon things will be back to normal!

michelle matthews said...

Awe! Cute outfits!
What a fun place! I bet y'all had a blast.