Sunday, March 01, 2009

Deer Sighting

A few weeks ago, we walked Barr Lake and were lucky enough to run into several deer. They didn't feel quite as lucky to see us based on their quick exit, however.

Getting started near the trail head.

The Nature Center.

Our favorite part....and the most nerve-racking for me....the boardwalk.

I love this....big brother pointing out the deer to Jack.

Lainey seemed more interested in playing in the dirt.

Tree tunnel.

"Bye, geese!!!!!" as they fly overhead.

As we drove out, we saw even more...


Monica said...

That is awesome! Your children are precious.

The Soladay Family said...

Casey! You are such a great photographer! Love the pic of Carter showing Jack the deer. =)

Coco said...

If y'all come visit us, your kids will see deer all day long.......

michelle matthews said...

Beautiful pics! You are so good at that! What a fun time!
That boardwalk would have scared me too!