Sunday, March 15, 2009

Question Of The Week

Dee's recent post about Tyler candles inspired this week's question. I'm going to give her favorite a see if it can compete with my favorite candle (and gift to receive or give), Circle E's. I absolutely love them....and because they're pricey, I don't often buy them for myself.....but I so enjoy how they instantly change a room and my mood. Speaking of, has anyone tried the Cotton Candy scent? I love super sweet candles and this one sounds so good!

On the same note, Coco told me she often gives saratams as baby gifts....a huge hit and not too terribly expensive. I love Red Envelope for special things.....and their wrapping is simple and pretty. And, to me, monogrammed or personalized items are the best. They make everyone feel special. Check out Heather's site here and her business blog here for some really cute stuff.

Shopping year round for most holidays allows me to think about gifts, and gives me the opportunity to try to find meaningful items rather than grabbing something just to give it. I have a few significant birthdays approaching and am searching for the perfect treasures.

***What is your favorite gift to give or receive?


Malinda said...

My favorite baby gift used to be a security blanket that had a head and a flat body. (Kind of like a bear skin rug.) They were super soft and I only found them at Accents in Granbury. I haven't seen them in years or else I would have bought Cason one. Of course I don't remember the brand or else I would be looking them up. They had soft fur on one side and a satin underside and the blanket part was shaped like it had legs, not square. Anyone know what I am talking about? They ran about $40 and I would still love to get Cason one if I ever found them.

starnes family said...

That is what Lainey lost a few days ago and what I drove south of Denver for! It's not exactly that b/c it doesn't have the satin finish, but instead all super soft chamy-ish fabric. They now sell "a pair and a spare", which I think is precious and smart b/c I know now how critical it is to have another on hand!

Lainey's is an Angel Dear and individually costs $14.00. Of course, hers is the white lamb, which after having it only a couple of days is already a funky shade of gray.

Britney said...

Good question, as usual... I LOVE giving and receiving Willow Tree Statues, which I buy from Hallmark. They are not expensive and yet worth so much more than they cost, to me anyway. I love finding that one particular statue for someone special. The first one I ever received was from Mae Mae's step-mom and it was the "Angel of Rememberence" for mom. I have a dozen of them now and could tell you exactly who it was from and for what special occassion. They are priceless to me.

Dee Stephens said...

I love getting personalized/monogrammed stationary!

Malinda said...

Casey, is hers about 24-28 inches long and the head of the animal about 6 inches in size? They sell them rolled up and tied with a ribbon. If that is what she has, that is exactly what I have been looking for for over a year.

starnes family said...

Brit...great gift....and I didn't realize you have a dozen now!, these are probably 12 inches total, including the head.

I'll look around to see if I can find what you're in search of.

Malinda said...

They really resemble the shape of a bear skin rug. Or, like a flattened stuffed animal. I've looked on Amazon and every other baby site and haven't found them.

starnes family said...

Just sent you an email with a link to an option. Let me know if that's it!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I love getting and receiving stationery. It just takes me so long to use it, b/c it's so pretty...I hate to use it! I have stationery with my name on it that my BP in 4th grade gave me. I am not even lying!

Coco said...

You answered my question for me.
Hope your day is better today.
Love ya!!

Monica said...

If I have time, I always like to get personalized items...either stationary or something monogrammed. That always makes for a nice gift! favorite scent on the Circle E candles is Orange Vanilla. Yum!

FROGGITY! said...

I am with Fitz, monogrammed or cute stationery is a great gift! I also like to give Haydel's petit fours (I bring them along with a gift to birthday events, etc.) because they are SO DANG GOOD and they're pretty. Also fun: a wine and cheese basket...small goodies for appetizers, and mini wines and champagnes... fun fun! For babies a monogrammed burp cloth or bib is always good.

Anonymous said...

Cute stationary
candles...homey smells, like cranberry, home sweet home, etc.
kitchen hand towels

Heather said...

ummmm - do I really need to put my 2 cents worth in on this question???? ;)

Heather said...

3 words..... Polka Dot Dreams

All gifts are given with my blood sweat and tears!

The Lenzers said...

My signature baby gift is a pair of shoes with the baby's name on one and the birthdate on the other. of course you can't give this at a shower it has to be after the birth so you have the actual date and name, in case of any last minute changes. For thankyou's i love the willow tree (someone else mentioned that as well). i love to recieve those too. i also love to make photo books (unfortunalty i stink at scrapbooking and don't want to invest that kind of money on an activitiy i am not that good at), recieving those are really special too.

Moni said...

I love getting photography books, coffee table books, travel books. Everyone who knows me well knows to NEVER get me flowers....what a waste of money!

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