Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Meet Dee!

A Delta Gamma pledge sister of mine from long, long ago recently started a blog and it's going to be fun to follow.

Lots of travel....a darling dog full of mischief.....fabulous job in a great city. Check her out!

Dee's Adventures


Amanda said...

I was a soroity girl too...but I was a Tri-Delt. Ha! Actually, I didn't stay in it too long, but it was good to experience that side of college (which I wasn't in too long either lol!)

Moni said...

Gotta love the "sisters" in your life...Chi Omega here...anyone, anyone? Anyway, loved looking at her blog and the fact that, like me she has no kids but treats her dog like one....my furry baby, Henry, is spoiled rotten and probably lives better than most people's kids....can't wait to read more about Buddy :)