Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday Night In Kansas City

After a LONG day house hunting, we ventured out to the Legends Shopping/Dining District near the Kansas Speedway. So much to see out there.....beyond the main area, you can visit the race track, The Great Wolf Lodge, Chateau Avalon, and more. Lots of historical information on site, too, so we'll take a walk out there one day to see what we can learn!

How happy is this Daddy with his baby girl?

Cute, old fashioned bowling alley.

Definitely will be back to eat at Jazz.....a favorite of ours from living in Austin.

The fam.

Took the kids to eat at the T Rex Cafe which is like the Rain Forest version times 10! Has anyone been to this restaurant? Maybe there is one in Dallas now? Jack is so into dinosaurs right was a ton of fun.

This monstrosity greeted us at the door. The little ones were speechless.

They ask you at the front if it's your first visit and seem to seat you accordingly. We ate upstairs, which is exciting in itself for the kids.

The restaurant was very animated. Lights, sounds, mechanical dinosaurs, and a pretty fascinating meteor shower entertained us while there. A mama and baby dinosaur lurked over our table and moved around at regular intervals.

Lainey looked like this for most of the meal:

And, Jack, like this:

After dinner, we shopped a bit and then went into Dave & Buster's so that Carter could play games.

Lainey got her groove on with the dance machine.

Jack thought he played lots of games. No tokens for him.

Lainey, too. And, there is Carter in the back actually playing. He LOVES this place.

Punkin Laine.


mamaclay said...

How fun! Any luck house hunting? That dinosaur restaurant looks great. I wish I could find a restaurant like that full of trains. Sam would be in heaven! I love the pic of Miss Pig Tails with her mouth wide open in total shock. So sweet!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I love D&B too. They just built one by our house. I totally school the hubby in the basketball game.

The Soladay Family said...

What a great weekend! Looks like you're going to love KC!!

Heather said...

So glad you are having fun with all your family together! :)

Coco said...

How fun! Love Lainey's look at the restaurant and what heaven for Jack!!!

The Lenzers said...

the dinasaur restaraunt looks like so much fun...there is not one here. and i have forgotten about rain forest-i should take the boys there for lunch one day. the family picture was beautiful. how did the house hunting go?

Tammy said...

REALLY cute pictures. You must be totally exhausted after a very busy few days in Kansas City. That Dinosaur restaurant looks very cool for little boys... I've never seen that before. I love the family picture. Rare, right? To get a picture of all 5! I had no idea Kansas City was such a cool place!

Shannon said...

There are two T-Rex Cafes that I know of: KC and Disney World. My kids were terrified of that place and Rainforest Cafe.

Pin-up Bowl is a cute place and it's adults only after a certain time. You may remember that we went there in St. Louis but we haven't been to the KC location.

Glad you got a chance to do some fun stuff. In the future, I'd love to see you get a chance to do Kaleidoscope at Crown Center. I think your kids would love it.