Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question Of The Week

Who is crazy enough to drive three young children 1,748 miles by herself in a matter of 5 days? Kidding! You all know the answer to that one.....too easy.

Instead, another easy one:

We've been very lucky these past couple of years to spend Easter out here with family in Colorado. Linda goes entirely out of her way to prepare a wonderful meal and it's non-stop fun with 8 kids running wild. As we venture into Kansas, we'll have family visiting us there. I want to build traditions and am always lost when it comes to Easter.

***What are your plans for Easter? Favorite foods? Routines?


If the shoe FITZ said...

In SA, we usually did bbq. All hang out outside. Easter Egg hunt with money in the eggs! ;)

Coco said...

We always spend it with Adam's dad's side. HUGE Easter egg hunt with the kiddos, great sussies to be found. DVD's, funky rubber duckies and sippy cups, books, puzzles. Adam's step mom goes all out.
Then all the grown ups have a big scavenger hunt that Adam's dad spends weeks preparing. Super cut throat and a lot of fun.
Tons of food and wine. Always a great time and a very fun tradition.

Anniebanannie said...

I love traditions. We get together with extended fam, where there are 8 kids...ALL BOYS! Anyway, there's a huge egg hunt for kids and then one for adults. Great fun. Then we do the annual egg toss, where someone usually sneaks in a hard boiled egg. Tons of food and tons of fun.

Hope you guys have a great one!

Amy said...

Seems like I've been hosting David's family the last few years and it's been a lot of fun. His mom brings an amazing coconut cake, we have a ton of deviled eggs and ham and his parents always hand out religious books - different ones for each family member- as an Easter gift - it's what the Easter bunny used to bring David and his siblings. And we've started that tradition too - Lila's getting a toddler bible that has been recommended by so many people. As the kids get older I can't wait for egg tosses and Easter egg hunts, we might try it these year, not sure Lila will get it!

starnes family said...

I love when people include the adults, in an egg hunt. I will keep that in mind for our future in Kansas!

Dee Stephens said...

Big Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins with money in the eggs. The prize egg always was a $100 bill!
Of course we always went to church -- me and my Mom used to shop weeks in advance for the perfect Easter dress and big hat :)

The Rand's said...

Our Easter is spent going to church, eating a big lunch with family and a big egg hunt for the kids. We usually break it up (a little kid one and a big kid one) since we have a million nephews and nieces. I may even add an adult one this year. That was a good suggestion! We fill the eggs with candy, money and different prizes.
And, can't forget decorating the eggs. I enjoy that as much as the girls do. If it's nice outside, I'll set up a craft table outside with eggs to decorate and other crafts.

The Lenzers said...

Easter is one of my new favorites so I am trying to make our celebration bigger and better. We dye eggs a couple of days before...connor loves it, maybe this year colton will too. then the bunny of course brings the baskets in the morning. we hide easter eggs for the boys. then church and lunch. i really like the idea of the adult egg hunt-may have to add that one if we have enough family to get involved.