Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visit With Merrilee

A couple of weeks ago, the little ones and I met Merrilee, her sister and kids at the zoo. It was a chaotic day with children running in every direction, but tons of fun!

Before they arrived, we visited the baby giraffe, just 2 weeks old and already 6 feet tall....pictured here with his mamma.

Here is Lainey hitching a ride with Dane.

Merrilee with Lainey and Dane....brave woman.

Carousel ride!

Dane was not impressed. with Kofi, her son.

Such cute sisters!

Cousins Kofi and Ellery.....gorgeous children!

Train ride....

Poor geese....they didn't know what to do!

As Merrilee said, we took our children to the zoo so they could act like animals....

And, finally with Merrilee. We've been friends since we were little kids ourselves.....and she eventually became one of Blake's first girlfriends in high school.....a fact which further supports his great taste in women!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Does Merrilee live close? How fun! Great fun pics! I haven't been to the zoo forever!

Scary Mommy said...

Looks like an awesome day!! We're headed to the zoo tomorrow. :)

starnes family said...

Merrilee lives in San Diego, actually. Wish she were closer!

michelle matthews said...

Everyone is so pretty!!~!!
What a fun day!

merrilee said...

Casey, you are too funny! Thanks for including us in a post--I feel so honored! I have some pics to send you.