Sunday, March 22, 2009


Although I have to preface this update with a much deserved, "I'm just glad this happened after the house sold," that didn't seem to comfort me at 1:30am when Jack came into my room. He'd been fussy all night, but no stranger to night terrors, I figured he was having a few bad dreams.....went in to comfort him when he cried....and he'd fall fast asleep. Until 1:30, that is.

I heard him open his door.....walking down the hall to our side of the house....crying....and then he started throwing up. All over himself, the carpet under him and the wall. I picked him up and turned him toward my room in a desperate attempt to make it to the bathroom and he threw up again....on the banister looking over the first floor....on those walls...on the stairs and down to the first floor....on me, into my room, just grazing our bed skirt.


And, the best part? The house inspection is at 2:30 today.

Unfortunately, I was up until after midnight reading my book and then again with Jack from 1:30-5:00ish. Slept until around 6:30, when Lainey and Carter woke, oblivious to the night time events. So, I'm working on about 2 hours sleep and am exhausted after scrubbing carpets and walls and stairs this morning. I think I'm actually too tired to sleep.

The good news is that Jack seems fine now. He's had a week's worth of other symptoms that matched Lainey's so I'm hoping this is the end of the bug for these two. If Carter or I get it, it has to be easier than what I've experienced with the toddlers. HAS TO.

About to put the little ones to bed again and hopefully nap myself and then we're out this afternoon while the house goes under inspection.....until 6:00pm. They've been conducting tests from the basement for the past 2 days (for Radon), so I likely cannot postpone it. If Jack seemed in bad shape, I'd look into rescheduling, but I think we'll be OK.

The Christmas flu and now this.....has been way beyond normal for this family. We have relatively healthy kids that tend to avoid stomach bugs back to back. Maybe once a year....but not like this. Perhaps it's the little ones' ages and their immunities building, bringing in the germs and like Carter, have to go through this year or so of frequent illness. Or, it's a result of our unusual lives...our defenses down due to stress and fatigue. As hard as I try to keep them on their schedules and provide some normalcy, life just isn't the same for us right now. I'm a constant ball of stress and whether I'd like to admit it or not, that affects the kids and they feel anxiety, too.

So, we'll just add this to our list of reasons we can't wait to be a family again and thank God we're headed in that direction. In 5 weeks, Blake will be here and we will leave Colorado together. Hopefully, with no one vomiting!


The Soladay Family said...

Bless your heart! You have really had it with sick kids this season! I hope your day is better, and just keep saying....It's almost over!!!

Coco said...

GOOD GOD, CASEY!!! This is getting ridiculous.

I hope y'all are done with it all.

The Jones Family said...

Daer Lord, enough already... you poor thing! I'm praying you and Carter don't get sick.

Coco said...

SWF! Hilarious Casey! And sick and true.

michelle matthews said...

Oh my gosh! Seriously?! I can't believe that happened! What a nightmare! I hope y'all are done with sickness and getting some rest. I am so sorry.

The Lenzers said...

at least if you of carter get it you get hit the toilet! hope everyone is feeling better...nothing like a sick baby and tired mom!

Anonymous said...

Bikini and shorts...NOT! I actually look forward to linen pants and flip flops and t-shirts and anything white.