Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Plaza

Wednesday afternoon brought us down to The Country Club Plaza. I learned that it was the nation's first suburban shopping district, designed and built in 1922. It's filled with fantastic art, statues and lots to do. Can't wait to spend more time here! It really is all of my favorites combined into one....history, culture and shopping!

Dinner that evening... I almost had a heart attack at this point. Jack voluntarily ate a piece of calamari. Shocking to his usual palette.

The kids giggled and giggled each time the dinosaur emerged with a new piece of food in his mouth.

The Plaza Bunnies arrive each spring adorning the streets with color. They were created in 1930 and are made entirely of plaster of Paris.

Several more in the area yet to see.

Such irony.....Carter's trademark bunny ears on the bunny.

We did a little shopping and ended up at the book store for the final installment to Carter's Captain Underpants chapter books collection. Upon searching for it, he found another series to get started on......Goosebumps.

While there, Lainey brought just about every stuffed animal she could find to Blake.


The Jones Family said...

We can not wait to visit! s

Coco said...

I love it! Those bunnies are fabulous.

Can I come visit?

Dee Stephens said...

looks like fun! the boys look so different with their haircuts..too cute!

The Lenzers said...

that's one way to get them to eat their vegies--fed by a dinasaur!! glad you had a safe drive and hope you find a home!!

The Rand's said...

So cute! How's the house hunting going? Enjoy your weekend! Love ya!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh I love places like that. And Goosebumps. hah. My 5yo got into them at his age, I couldn't believe it. We read 8 of them and then I had to stop since it wasn't really helping him to learn to read (at his age) but was just entertaining.

Amy said...

Love all the pics of your family together. It's so nice to know you'll all be together soon. And agree with whomever said y'all don't seem to age!