Monday, March 02, 2009

One Day

A friend of mine did this a while ago and I thought it was great. So, I made a few random notes, but overall have created this by memory....when I finally found a minute to sit and write....while watching The Bachelor....because I rarely do one thing at a time.

Oh, and fair warning - this is super boring.

Instructions: Write down everything you do in one day.

*Wake at 3:00am - Jack is up and disoriented - put him back in bed.
*Wake again (the real thing) at 5:30am. Jack wants pudding.
*Make bed.
*Shower and dress while Jack chatters away in the bathroom with me.
*Downstairs to see Carter, who woke shortly after and went straight for his games.
*Watch Carter play Playstation....start dancing with Jack to the music told I'm a dork by Carter. Already knew it.
*Start breakfast - fat free pudding, cereal bars, blueberry muffins, fruit...all vary per child.
*Stock baby supplies in downstairs cabinet - diapers and wipes.
*Check and a quick look at blogs, The Drudge Report, and DListed.
*Balance checkbook.
*Review lunch menu with Carter to determine when he'll take and when he'll buy. (we pack a lunch three times a week to save $ and to provide healthier options)
*Dress Jack.
*Open blinds, turn off lights, etc...
*Upstairs to open blinds, dress Lainey.
*Make Jack and Lainey's beds. Confirm Carter made his.
*Yell at Carter to get out of the shower.
*Remind him to bring down laundry.
*Start dishwasher.
*Start laundry.
*Survey Carter for teeth brushed, hair combed, face washed, backpack on, glasses and favorite books in tow, jacket in hand....ready for school.
*Gather kids, load up the car, take Carter to school.
*Return home and get the toddlers focused on an activity. (build 2 train tracks for Jack and help Lainey feed her babies)
*Check computer, comment on a few blogs, write an email or two.
*Address and write 2 cards to put in the mail - one for my brother's birthday, another for a friend in the hospital.
*Add items to Easter packages for neices and nephew, etc.
*Upstairs to change sheets on Jack's bed after noticing it smelled like pee earlier. Wonder to myself how we're ever going to potty train this kid if he can't make it through the night without leaking through a night-time diaper. Curse the inventor of bunkbeds and whoever in this family thought they were a good idea. Wait. That was me.
*Sweep wood floors downstairs.
*Dig through toybox to find Jack's beloved "Toby" train car. Can't play without it.
*Tell Jack to get his snowman apron on and that we're making banana bread. Watch him sprint upstairs for the apron, so very excited.
*Put Lainey in her high chair, hand her cooking utensils so she feels part of the fun.
*Take out ingredients....we're lacking sour cream....hmmmm....decide to use vanilla pudding instead.
*Make and bake banana bread.
*Clean kitchen.
*Play with trains, look at books with Lainey.
*Fold laundry. Take basket upstairs.
*Make lunch for kids.
*While kids are eating, check computer, sit for a few minutes. Breathe.
*Upstairs to straighten playroom.
*Take banana bread out and taste. Not bad. Can't tell the difference.
*Put Lainey down for nap. Settle Jack to sit for a few minutes and wind down before nap time.
*Nap for Jack. Reading for me. I doze off, too.
*Wake when the kids do.
*Change diapers...change Lainey's clothes since she smeared chocolate chips on her dress and I didn't notice before naptime...prepare snacks to take out in the back yard.
*Empty dishwasher.
*Upstairs to put laundry in closets/dressers.
*Outside to check mail. Pay a couple of bills that arrived.
*Play with little ones in the back yard.....sidewalk chalk, trains, in the playhouse, etc.
*Sweep muffins and snacks off of the patio. Pick up toys throughout the yard.
*Pack diaper bag to pick up Carter from school.
*Get Carter from school.
*On the way home, take pics of signs at the front of the neighborhood. Several missing, laying on the ground, etc. Looks tacky and not helping sell this d^&n house! Been on a mission for 2 months to have them fully removed or replaced. Now working with the bigger management company (Carma) rather than our internal HOA.
*Back home. Take kids into the back yard for more play time. Gorgeous weather today.
*Send pics to Carma. Check a few blogs.
*Prepare dinner. Clean up after.
*Turn on "night time" lights (lamps). Draw blinds. Tidy upstairs.
*Help Carter with homework. Sign sheet for nightly reading. Review folder.
*Bath time, pj's, time to settle for bed.
*Read books - Zoo and What Dinosaurs Eat For Dinner.
*Watch Little Bear.
*Put Lainey down to bed!
*Check computer while Jack finishes Little Bear.
*Pray with Jack and Carter.
*Put Jack down to bed!
*Straighten throughout the house.
*Wipe down kitchen counters and tidy downstairs.
*Watch Carter play Playstation.
*Sit with laptop while watching The Bachelor. Look at Facebook and catch up on a few emails.
*In bed to read around 8:00pm, after putting Carter to bed.
*Lights out 10:00ish!

Ok....give it a try. I bet you'll be surprised how much you do! With kids or without....working or at home.....we all accomplish more than we think during any given day.


michelle matthews said...

Holy smokes momma! I have wanted to ask you about your daily routine before. Wow - you are so busy!!!!
What is the scoop on bunkbeds. I've thought about them for Luke. No?
Cute about Toby! Been there!
You do love that banana bread! Good tip on the pudding. Smart!

Malinda said...
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Malinda said...

That makes me exhausted just reading it.

starnes family said...

Your banana bread recipe has caused me to gain 2 pounds, Michelle!!!!!

Bunk them....and the boys' set is adorable.....but the top bunk is so hard to make. Takes me 20 minutes just to make the bed. So annoying. Otherwise, I love them!

The Soladay Family said...

: I'm with you on making the top bunk! I hate it! I always make Ryan do it because he's tall and has "Stretch Armstrong" arms!!!

The Lenzers said...

seems like a lot of work to write all that down. i am tired just reading yours